clean hands and a pure heart… (via Read Between the Minds)

This is a beautiful poem, with an audio. Via Read Between the Minds.

clean hands and a pure heart... the hand that reaches out to you is small it holds no magic nor promises of great wealth just a plea for you to teach and tell the truth Read More

via Read Between the Minds


“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or the others crazy?” – Albert Einstein (via Life in the House That Asperger Built)

"A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or the others crazy?" - Albert Einstein I ask myself this question quite a bit.  While in my case it happens to be me and not the others, I think that a lot of Aspies might feel this way.  For the most part, we say what we mean and mean what we say.  There’s not really a need to “read” into something an Aspie says.  We don’t speak between the lines, so there’s nothing to read there anyway.  NTs on the other hand?  Well…not so much.  Let me say that I understand that there is much abo … Read More

via Life in the House That Asperger Built

Free flow poetry. Let go of reality. (via The arts webshow)

I posted this earlier today, I have been thinking all day about the experience of free flow poetry. Because this has been playing on my mind all day I thought it needs a full reblog. I have added the poem I wrote while listening to the music suggested at the end of this post.

I would also like to say thank you to Richard North for sharing this on his blog… The arts webshow

Free flow poetry. Let go of reality.



I have a challenge for you.

I want everybody to attempt this.

And i mean everybody, even you.


Please don’t dismiss it.

I wouldn’t be encouraging you if i didn’t think it was worth it


Open this song in another window

Open up a post and put your keyboard in your lap.


Start the video

Close your eyes and feel your keys.

If you cant type with your eyes closed, then look at the keys but do not look at the screen.

And to be safe do it all in lower case

Then type anything, but type to the beat

Do not think ,do not look , just let it flow.

After the song is over look at your words, there will be lots of spelling mistakes, you may correct them but do not edit it.

And PLEASE post the result.

If you do and you comment over the link , i will check it out

If you don’t have a blog, type it into a comment on my post, correct it and post.


It’s called free flow poetry.

The most beautiful form there is.

Trust me if you let go your instincts will NOT let you down.

But you have to let go


PLEASE PLEASE have a go.

Spread it and share it, tag people any way you can.

This is an idea that gets right down deep into your heart and mind.

You speak directly from your soul.

AWaken the sleeping artist in you.

Bend the rules.

Believe totally in yourself

Be a work of ART


Feel the Beat

by Lisa Lock

I’m paused…… not knowing

who am I…. or where I’m going.

In this life

We have crap thrown at us

From left and right

……… all good

If we take the challenge

……that is life.

Listen to the music.

Is it playing your beat?

Time is a healer

…….or so we’re told

Can’t see the answers

To my questions unfold.

Playing in a garden

Of imagination

Is there any time

To change

Feel the beat

As it runs

Through the essence of being

Feel the beat

What am I seeing

Feel the beat


Go with the flow

[Writing] In Case of Fire (via .:Lest I Smite Thee:.)

via .:Lest I Smite Thee:.

In Case of Fire
Poem by Christine Lines, © 2010
Inspired by an excerpt from Mind Scribe volume 1 by Christine Lines, © 2009

as a society,
have become so base
and infuriated with each other
we should have warning labels
over our hearts
that say,
“In case of fire,
please remove hardware.”

A wildfire
of scarlet purses and shoes
made by slave orphans in China,
of crimons diamonds
from the death-mines of Africa,
of red right-wing bandwagons
rigged with loudspeakers and hate,
of gas in luxury cars with archaic engines
bought with the blood of Muslims
spreads freely in our cities
while the human machinery
we call “respected employees”
oil the corporate cogs
with sweat and tears
oversaturated with caffeine
due to lack of sleep
from watching ads
upon ads
upon ads
telling us to forsake
time with our families
so we can work two jobs
so we can afford the shit
that will replace
the people we love
and silence
our screaming A.D.D. kids
we don’t have time
to take care of.

You don’t know me,
I don’t know my neighbors,
he doesn’t know his kid’s teachers,
she doesn’t know who invented the computer
or car or toothpaste or first synthetic cell,
but you know the name of that one celebrity
and her hororscope and her favorite restaurant
who has no affect on your life whatsoever,
who does those charity commercials
for feeding the hungry in Darfur or Haiti
when she could feed them all
all by herself
by selling her personal plane and island,
and you know the name of BP’s CEO
so you can bitch about him
while sitting in front of the TV
and watching animals drown,
livelihoods destroyed,
beaches desecrated
instead of getting up
and helping.

Sue me
if I don’t get
your order right.
Sue me
if you burn yourself
with your hot coffee.
Sue me
for taking away
your trans-fat.
But it’s okay
for you to leave me
a one dollar tip
after I save your fat ass
from choking to death
on your rubbery well-done steak
and butter garlic lard fried mashed potatoes
with a side of heart disease.
But it’s okay
for you to leave me
a little black Bible
as if Jesus
will personally pay my rent
and my tuition
and my health insurance
but only if
I’m not gay.

I realize this poem deals with heavy topics and lacks any form whatsoever, but I hope the pacing makes this easier to read. This is a 2 A.M. brain dump of thoughts on the news or real experiences that have really bothered me. For example, that last section about a server getting a $1 tip after saving a choking customer and nothing but a Bible as a “tip” from another customer really happened to my husband while we were in college and broke.

+X+  Gally

Drawing © Christine Lines 2009
Poem © Christine Lines 2010
Blog post © Christine Lines 07.16.10

Tea with Grandma (by Daniel Audet) (via Moondustwriter’s Blog)

Tea with Grandma (by Daniel Audet)

My friend Daniel has an amazing way with words. I hope you enjoy the beauty of his prose. Hope you feel inclined to read other poems in the One Shot Wednesday group. ***** I sat on the footstool, as I always had. Her practiced gaze drifted through the window before which her chair had sat for as long as I could remember. Today she had on a dress I had never seen before, a pretty one perhaps made for a much younger woman. I wasn’t a tea drinker at … Read More

via Moondustwriter’s Blog

This poem had me in tears, I must say Daniel has got a lovely way with words.

Neurodiverse….a poem by Justice (via Welcome to the mad house)

I came across this poem while trawling the internet looking for something else. It was so beautifully written by a girl with Aspergers. I sourced it from her. It made me sad to read how she feels she is viewed by the rest of the “world”. It’s called:   “Neurodiverse”


The girl in this poem is me — and likely a similar experience for anybody
else on the spectrum.

There once was a girl who was all alone.
Her thoughts a mystery, feelings unknown.
She knew her flaws, she could never perfect.
But all she wanted was a little respect.

She didn’t walk like you’d expect.
She couldn’t speak at all correct.
To other people, she couldn’t connect.
But why must she be so prone to neglect?

They’d yell at her, “Look into my eyes.”
She’d do it, but only as a disguise.
Forced to act normal — a part of her dies.
Living her life, shrouded in lies.

She sits alone, silently rocking.
The other kids are pointing and mocking.
She hears their taunts, but she turns away.
She’s used to hearing it, every day.

She asks her mother why they treat her that way.
Her mother tells her, “That’s how they play.”
“They don’t mean the things the say.”
“Just go with the flow. Conform. Obey.”

She asks the kids, “May I join you now?”
Her speech is jumbled, sweat on brow.
They laugh at her, “She’s just a freak.”
“She acts too weird and can barely speak.”

She knew that her chance for a friend was bleak.
But she slinks away and mumbles, “I’m just unique.

via Welcome to the mad house

Is it autism or aspergers…. What’s the difference? (via Welcome to the mad house)

This is probably the most helpful article I have read on ASD’s. I felt it deserved a full reblog. Thanks Fi. x

Is it autism or aspergers…. What’s the difference?


Welcome to the mad house

I have been asked in the past what the difference is between autism and aspergers.

I was asked again this week and I’ll going to do my best to explain how I see it.

But I need to start out by saying that I am just a mum with aspergers children  – I am not a Doctor, or a health professional in any form so this is an amateur description of how “I” explain it.

Sometimes, aspergers people are seen as the “higher class” of autism, the ones who are socially awkward, yet academically gifted and who are quirky but don’t care! (Think of Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory).

But I think that that can be a major misconception and conjures up the image of Rainman in most people’s minds.

Rainman was a savant. .

Kim Peek was the real life savant that Dustin Hoffman portrayed in the movie of the same name.

But savants only make up 10% of all autistic people.

Personally, I think it’s unfair to compare our AS children to “famous” aspies like Bill Gates, Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein (who all display(ed) aspergers symptoms, though the condition wasn’t explained until 1944 by Dr Hans Aspergers).

Because in doing that, I’d be putting expectations on our children and while they may never become “famous” or professors, they will still be extremely successful in their chosen fields.

My Dad used to tell me something that his own father used to say to him and I’ll never forget it:

“It’s better to be a first class boot maker than a third class Doctor”.

And I couldn’t agree more. I just want my children to do what they love and be excellent at it whatever “it” may be. They don’t have to be Doctors, Professors, or Scientists to be considered successful in my eyes.

Anyhow, I digress:

Both autism and aspergers are classified as neuro-developmental disorders.

Aspergers symptoms vary from child to child, but the condition is generally thought of as a milder form of autism and some people say that aspergers is autism at a higher functioning level. Because typically they do not have speech delays whereas in autism they often do.

But I react when I hear it described as “mild” because it’s only mild when compared to classic autism.

Compared to “normal” or NT , aspergers is anything but mild.  My children for example: still  have massive problems that all fall under the “triad of impairments” which is what autism and aspergers have in common.

The Triad refers to 3 main areas that our kids have difficulty with.

They are: Communication, Behaviour and Social Skills.

Both autism and aspergers involve poor social skills, repetitive behavior or interests, and problems communicating. But unlike classic autism, aspergers does not typically involve delays in mental development or speech.

My kids still have issues with communication as in starting and continuing conversations and they are still very awkward in social situations.

A lot of my kid’s interests are the same as NT children but my kids will obsess on their interests until it interferes with their daily lives and functioning.

The autistic spectrum is called a spectrum because it is so enormous.

The autistic spectrum of pervasive developmental disorders is like an umbrella name for all 5 spectrum disorders which are:

1. Kanner’s Autism or classic autism (the most common one),

2. Asperger’s Syndrome,

3. Rett Syndrome,

4. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

5. Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (also known as PDD-NOS).

(My understanding of PDD-NOS is when a child has many of the signs of autism but doesn’t meet the criteria of Retts, childhood disintegrative disorder, classical autism, or Aspergers).

I hope I made that clear enough to understand.

There is so much to learn and I’m not sure if I have all my facts correct. Feel free to write to me if I’ve made a mistake or left something out.


The Triad of impairments

image from Google