In searching my truth


In searching my truth

by Alienhippy

In searching my truth

I found the love of God

Divine love has been calling

Whispering my name my whole life

I’d reached the end of my own strength

Admitting to myself

I was just biding time

Waiting on seeking

But never truly seeing

Never really listening

Not wanting to hear

Not wanting to see

Switched off to my senses

In the falling of the leaves came release

A casting away of all that had become

In sequence with changing seasons

My entire being grasped, gasped

Deeply inhaled

Sensed rightness


Sighing in relief

Recognition of soul harmony

The fullest truth of the summer blooms

Revealing to my soul

The flower trapped within

Butterflies and tickle birds

Creating new paths of flight

The key to my heart was given

Love unlocked then opened the door

And in that love

With that love

Through that love

I ventured out


The Fallen

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The Fallen

by Lisa Lock

Floating. Falling. Relaxed

No edge. No end. No goals

Nothing to aim for, Just flowing through

The eternal light of Heaven’s reach

Crescendo conform vexatious

Delivering this present mood

A pillared stance of echoes

Bold and growing toward

An expanse of innocence

Intoxicated by the propinquity

Of Spirit in its mystical melody

Rapture, Entwined, In fantasy and hope

Once balanced now enslaved

Humanity, In all its glory, yet void of acceptance


Interlaced within the eternal light of Heaven’s reach

There is always hope.

Petals Fall (free-flow poetry)

Petals Fall

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Petals Fall

by Lisa Lock

The flowers grow,

I don’t know


Am I here……..?

Am I really alive……..?



making waves

great games of reality



Breathing with………………………………………………….no time to waste.





on a ROCK of guidance

and reassured of existence


silly games of life

petals fall

rain clouds moving

in an ever clear sky,

drowned out by the storms



Free flow poetry. Let go of reality. (via The arts webshow)

I posted this earlier today, I have been thinking all day about the experience of free flow poetry. Because this has been playing on my mind all day I thought it needs a full reblog. I have added the poem I wrote while listening to the music suggested at the end of this post.

I would also like to say thank you to Richard North for sharing this on his blog… The arts webshow

Free flow poetry. Let go of reality.



I have a challenge for you.

I want everybody to attempt this.

And i mean everybody, even you.


Please don’t dismiss it.

I wouldn’t be encouraging you if i didn’t think it was worth it


Open this song in another window

Open up a post and put your keyboard in your lap.


Start the video

Close your eyes and feel your keys.

If you cant type with your eyes closed, then look at the keys but do not look at the screen.

And to be safe do it all in lower case

Then type anything, but type to the beat

Do not think ,do not look , just let it flow.

After the song is over look at your words, there will be lots of spelling mistakes, you may correct them but do not edit it.

And PLEASE post the result.

If you do and you comment over the link , i will check it out

If you don’t have a blog, type it into a comment on my post, correct it and post.


It’s called free flow poetry.

The most beautiful form there is.

Trust me if you let go your instincts will NOT let you down.

But you have to let go


PLEASE PLEASE have a go.

Spread it and share it, tag people any way you can.

This is an idea that gets right down deep into your heart and mind.

You speak directly from your soul.

AWaken the sleeping artist in you.

Bend the rules.

Believe totally in yourself

Be a work of ART


Feel the Beat

by Lisa Lock

I’m paused…… not knowing

who am I…. or where I’m going.

In this life

We have crap thrown at us

From left and right

……… all good

If we take the challenge

……that is life.

Listen to the music.

Is it playing your beat?

Time is a healer

…….or so we’re told

Can’t see the answers

To my questions unfold.

Playing in a garden

Of imagination

Is there any time

To change

Feel the beat

As it runs

Through the essence of being

Feel the beat

What am I seeing

Feel the beat


Go with the flow