Heart Smiles

My Mumble Moments

“Life’s little luxuries” is what first came to mind as a title but when I Googled images it was not at all what I was looking for. I’m thinking more along the lines of “Mumble Moments” You know the little tap dancing penguin in HAPPY FEET. His happy-dance was his heart song!

Anyone who knows anything about ASD knows those moments of happy-dancing, or happy-flapping. As an adult Aspie I have learned how NOT to let my body get the better of me (most of the time) but inside I still feel it. I still feel the excitement and joy wanting to explode but I know how ridiculous and eccentric I would look. Shame really that society has this pressure to conform. So I have to hold it in a lot of the time, but I do allow my heart to smile.

Intro taken from this post… Why I collect “Heart Smiles”

Click on the links

Dancing Petals

Children’s voices

Cinema, take 2….action

Thanking God for friendship

My kids make my heart smile

Can you catch a rainbow?

My quiet and gentle artistic rebel

Under the birch tree

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