Doodles and Dragons

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I created this doodle yesterday after a friend inspired me. Doodling this was like therapy for me. I combined two things that teachers had punished me for as a child. Doodling and my special interest/love of/passion for dragons and monsters.

When my sister saw this doodle she said,

Looks like it was very relaxing to draw sis.

Scary things are looking at me!!!

Which was just perfect. It expressed just how I felt.

The constant eyes, staring into me, causing me indescribable fear. Always watching me ready to ruler my knuckles, stand me in a corner, rip up my work. Over 30 years later and I am finally able to release this fear of wrongness. I’m glad that this doodle seems scary as that’s the emotion I was releasing.

Children and adults on the spectrum find comfort in our special interests. Yes, we can seem obsessive at times but a lot of us can learn to understand time and place. Some of us struggle to form words, especially when we are in sensory overload. Being able to express in a different way gives us the ability to communicate our discomfort. Comic strips are used a lot now with special needs children to aid social understanding.

Link here… “What is comic strip conversation?”

As a very young child I was caused fear of both my outlets, back then no one really knew what Aspergers was. I was a quiet hardworking child, with learning difficulties and I struggled to fit into school routine every day. School to me meant two things, total boredom or feeling terrified.

There are so many adults on the spectrum who still can’t find words and are still learning to communicate the best they can. If what happened to us in school, and what happened to our undiagnosed Autie/Aspie parents, was happening today….

Well it just wouldn’t be happening today, would it?

For more background on my doodles and dragons follow this link.

Stories and Doodles


9 thoughts on “Doodles and Dragons

  1. You are wonderful! I always did well, academically, in school, but – oh – the social areas! I was picked on, liked by some, talked too much, and no good at sports. I was a nerd.
    Oh well, I am happy now and my children came out well.
    I am going to share the “animal school” video! It was wonderful!

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  3. I can so empathize you . I was so bored in third grade that I wrote backwards, upside down, and both hands at the same time. I was sent to the principal for a paddling. I was brought to a psychiatrist for coloring in black, my favorite color. Now I would probably received the proper counseling and an earlier diagnosis. I love your dragon doodle.

  4. Love it! Hello again, old friend! Your doodling is wonderful, and I’m the same way: cheap therapy attained through artistic/creative expression. ❤ Nothing Better, save nature~

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