Who else is going to share?

Hello my lovely Bloggy friends,

Has anyone noticed that I’m not really blogging much these days? I want to, I really do, but every time I open up a fresh document to start typing I feel a bit lost. I don’t know why this has happened, it just has. I have been feeling like this for a few months, I have been finding inspiration in my old posts. I’ve reposted old posts and added a few new poems but nothing I feel I will look back on and say, “Oh yes that was a turning point for me!”

Writing helps me

I will keep pushing through knowing that this will soon pass. I have been having no problems at all with writing in my prayer journal and reflective journal. Also I have shared many deep thoughts and inspirations privately with my closest friends. Its just blogging I’m struggling with. I seem to have lost the effort.

I thought maybe it was because I felt hurt

I have been struggling to comment on blogs because of fear. I have been blogging three year this year and other bloggers have not always been kind. Some have taken me wrong; they don’t know me or see my heart. I stopped commenting a while back and only comment on my friends blogs where I feel safe. Where I know they will protect me if I get taken wrongly or if I get bullied or verbally attacked.

I thought maybe it was time to call it a day and make my blog private. I even thought at one point of deactivating my blog; thank goodness I didn’t as all 653 posts I have shared would now no longer exist.

My not knowing loop is a big black hole

A few days ago my lovely friend Fi, from Wonderfully Wired, wrote a post called The Spinning Question Mark. In this post was a beautiful conversation that she had with one of her little boys. Both of her sons are on the spectrum and reading about them helps me to remember. They are so very like me in their aspieness, especially *Harley!

In THIS post *Harley speaks to his Mum about seeing in pictures. To me this is my normal; it was only three years ago that I realised that my way of thinking is different. He talks about his spinning question mark when he doesn’t understand something.

Here is small piece from Fi’s post but please go and read it, it’s one not to miss.

So I thought I’d take it further.

“Harley, what do you see if I say the word ‘Volkswagen’? Do you see that same car again?”

“No”. He said. “I see an empty box with a big question mark over it spinning around and around because I don’t know what a Volkswagen is”.

Wow. I knew I was onto something so I dug deeper and asked him: “Do you see a spinning question mark a lot?”

He nodded. “Yes, every time someone says a word that I’ve never heard before. It is what I see when I don’t understand what the other person is talking about. I hate it when I see that question mark. I feel stupid and that’s why I sometimes get angry”

Comments I left for my lovely friend Fi

My spinning question mark is a hole, a black hole like in space. And yep, when people all talk fast or over each other the pictures make no sense. Talking with one person at a time is so much easier. When in a group of people I can’t really listen and will zone out, daydream on a tangent thought triggered by an image.

I just thought everyone thought like this. It makes so much sense now I know they don’t. No wonder other women can chat like they do. It really fuzzes my head being in a group of women all talking at the same time, way too many pictures bumping into one another…hehe

I cope by either being the quiet onlooker, the one that looks shy and listens. You know me better than anyone Fi; you know I am not shy or quiet. Or, I can cope by being the loud one that doesn’t listen at all, the one with loads of ideas who is a bit bossy. This depends on my confidence level and who the people are.

The pictures are so strong they can stop me from eating. I tried to explain this to Mr Locoman the other day. I cooked a soup and couldn’t enjoy it without my soup spoon. It just didn’t seem to taste at all. I told him that all I could think of is my soup spoon because I am at home and when I am at home eating soup I need to eat it with my soup spoon. I did try a different spoon but the size was wrong and all I kept seeing was my spoon with the pretty engraved roses on it. As a kid I would have refused to eat. As an adult I try to fix things, I try to fix me. So many of my past experiences can be explained by understanding myself and how I tick. Understanding why I am different and why people have treated me the way they have.

I have hope that things will change

I believe that it is when NT parents and adult aspies combine their journeys that we will bring true awareness of Autism. I only know my spectrummy ways but having a friend like Fi (who is NT) helps me to understand the way others think. Also me helping her to see it through my aspie eyes has helped her to understand her boys, she told me so and that has got to be helpful…right?

So, why do I keep sharing?

I share because:

  • I have a head full of thoughts that might just help someone.
  • I have a life time of history on the spectrum.
  • I love all people even when they show very little love in return.
  • I hate the thought of any child going through school unnoticed.
  • I hate the thought of any child sitting thinking of space because of all the black holes in a day. Then being told they are stupid, ignorant, thick or a nuisance.
  • I hurt inside knowing that there are kids whose parents want them fixed.
  • I believe that maybe my life has a purpose and me sharing is a good thing.
  • I know that through fighting my fears I grow and I want to grow and learn.
  • I want people to understand that Autism doesn’t mean lacking empathy.
  • I have traits that are unnoticeable but every day I struggle, writing it out helps me.
  • In writing I have found connections, I no longer feel alone.
  • I have a need to communicate; most people are not interested in what I have to say.
  • I can’t always talk; sometimes I go for days without talking at all even though I want to. I share to release a build up of stored away expression.
  • I need an outlet and writing is very freeing for me.
  • Also…One day I won’t be around to tell my kids about this journey.

I share because it’s the right thing to do even when the fear of being me to the world keeps me awake at night. Even when I know there is a possibility of waking up and finding comments on my blog that are full of hate and manipulation. Even when I know that something I share might not be what someone close to me wants to read.

This is my journey and I will jolly well write about it.

I’m sick of hiding behind a mask, I’m sick of walking on egg shells. I will keep writing and I will probably get it wrong a few more times yet but I will not be sitting in a corner with my coat pulled over my head. That was me at school. I am not a child anymore, I have found my words and I will use my words. People need to know and little aspies can’t speak it out for themselves. I remember and I can write about it, it’s up to others if they want to read. Who else is going to help? Textbooks given to teachers and a few lectures is NOT enough in my opinion. I have lived it and my life is not worthless, it is worth sharing.

Who else is going to share?


9 thoughts on “Who else is going to share?

  1. Your sharing is wonderful and always has been as far as I am concerned. I’ve not been commenting as much on anyone’s blog and recently I closed all of my blog posts to comments and decided to stop posting other than photos and positive quotes. I also changed my FB timeline to friends only.

    Sometimes I think people make us sad without realizing it, but other times there are mean people who target others. I do not understand why they do this. Go only where you feel safe on the Internet. You are a wonderful person and an inspiration to many. I’m glad that you still share your blog. I hope you know that I will always defend you if I see anyone mistreating you.

  2. Oh my, I am so glad you decided to keep blogging. I love reading your posts.
    There are dumb, ignorant people out there who have nothing better to do than to blast others in comments. Ignore them. Delete those comments with a vengeance. This is your blog, your posts, your thoughts, and you aren’t hurting anyone. So, keep on doing it. I will make you the same offer I made to another blogger: email me at bookman232@yahoo.com and ask for my private email. Then, when you get upset or need to vent – drop me an email. I won’t be upset or take it badly and I will support you.
    Just a thought – glad to do it.

  3. As someone who is not on the autism spectrum but has loved ones who are I`d just like to say how much I appreciate your posts and insights – about autism, and how you experience it, but also about faith and beauty, joy through the difficult circumstances of life, and thankfulness at all times. I am always excited when I visit the blog and there is a new post, because I always take something out of what you write. I have told a friend that of all the blogs I read, this is one I feel is written by a kindred spirit. Please, as much as you are able, keep sharing! Your words definitely do have a purpose! 🙂

  4. Lees, that’s a pretty impressive list of reasons to share. I think most (not all) people who blog are really doing it for themselves and not for their readers. Any benefit for readers is a bonus. 🙂
    I like the pebble background by the way – not sure how long you’ve had it, I’ve been reading from my phone and can’t see it from there – now I’m on the computer.
    Keep sharing!

  5. I had noticed you’ve been quiet but I didn’t want to intrude.

    I am glad you have decided to continue to share; you help us to see and understand what we wouldn’t otherwise know.

    There are a lot of mean people on the internet but there are more of us nice people than them, so why should we let them win?

    Go Team Alienhippy!

  6. Just ran across your blog. I am loving your posts. I am a counselor who has worked with children with Autism and related diagnoses. It is very interesting and enlightening to read about your perspective.

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