The social roundabout

Aspie women

The Social Roundabout

by Alienhippy

Fed-up of being fobbed off

On this social roundabout

Avoidance and the little white lies

Turns my head inside out


Chit chat surface crap

The dance I cannot see

I NEED some validation

Lacking cognitive empathy


I feel too deep, can’t process change

I NEED a role to rearrange

So I can fit, new depths uncover

Just be myself and not hurt another.

“Cognitive empathy” The inability to predict other’s thoughts and intentions including the ability to “read between the lines” during communication. ~The Aspie Coach


One thought on “The social roundabout

  1. Well written post. The more I learn the more I realise that I myself have fitted in to society by mimicking. Love the song too. Love you xxxx

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