My Aspie sleep patterns, reminder why I blog.

Today I received a comment on an old post called “Loopy Loopy Loopy” I wrote this post while in a shutdown and have NO RECOLLECTION of writing it, what so ever. I KNOW I write a lot so this is not a concern, but it did make me wonder why I was shutdown? What was going on for me at that time? What had I been absorbing? I can see now what it was, and I can see I needed my safe place.

I very often re-read my old posts

It’s good for me to see what I have learned.It’s great when I am reminded of them, this took me on a mooch of that month. I found this post while mooching my blog and thought I’d reshare it.


Anyone who is familiar with the Autistic Spectrum will know about sleep problems. I read my friends post this morning called

“Sleep is an enigma here” about her little boy having great trouble with sleeping and how it affects the whole family. I decided to write about my sleeping difficulties and the pattern I have noticed.

I believe that my brain has cycles of learning and times where I can’t learn at all. As I am dyslexic and have read very few books about Autism I have to just explain in my own way. I call this my Lisa Lingo and it helps me to understand things for myself.

My sleep patterns and learning

As far as I know I seem to have four and they relate to my learning cycles.

I have had to give them names to help me understand.

1. Airy-Fairy.

2. The absorber.

3. Loopy-Leesy-Loo.

4. The retreat.


Airy-Fairy is a nick name my Mom gave me as a child, meaning I lived with my head in the clouds. It is a very peaceful learning mind where I am totally happy, daydreaming, content and a bit vague. I am very certain about everything in my life and I float around oblivious. This is a mood and mind I would love to have most of the time and when I am like this sleeping is easy, it’s my Aspie-happy place, however I do have strange dreams that are very vivid and usually linked to something God is helping me to understand.

The absorber

This learning mind needs to feed, it absorbs EVERYTHING!!!!!

When I am like this I will absorb everything I see, hear, smell, taste, touch. I will create visual replays and overlay in my head. It is a time when I feel a need to handle things, smell things, rub them on my face. I have to experience them, not just see them. My Mom used to say, “You don’t have eyeballs on your fingers, you don’t need to touch everything!” But I know now that I do, I learn something by handling.

This is also the time I can actually be close to people, I’m not familiar with. I can touch them and not feel weird about it. But I do notice everything about them, even what they don’t say I seem to see it in their eyes. This is the time I can just blurt out those personal questions and statements, making people very uncomfortable. But I can tell they are not good and I need to know the truth. Eye contact is alot easier when I’m absorbing. Although some people can be very scary when I am in this mind. But it is also lovely to act a bit like everyone else and naturally touch people that I warm to. But I don’t seem to have control over it, I have in the past done things like flick dandruff off a person’s shoulder or pick a hair off their jacket. This is ok with close friends, family but NOT with someone you have only just met. hehehe

I have to be careful in this learning mind if I absorb negativity it will cause nightmares and fear of sleeping. I will wake up about 2-4 times a night in this mind but if I have answers to most things in my head I can return to sleep. Also prayer is great when I am like this. I can pray myself back to sleep.


This is a nick name one of my best friends gave me.

With this learning mind of mine I am getting to full capacity. I have absorbed as much as I can and I am seeing puzzles everywhere and talking nonstop. With this I also see answers, connections and ways of fixing things, creating things and being totally and COMPLETELY focused. However if my mind and sensory are fed with negative or are overwhelmed, overloaded I can go into complete panic. Then I will shutdown or meltdown depending on how safe I feel, what environment I am in. This is where having faith helps me so very much.

Sleeping when I am looping is hard, I can’t switch my brain off, it can drive me nuts, so it is really hard to get to sleep with so much going on in there. I have to be physically exhausted and even then I will only sleep four hours before waking. I usually get up and write it out and pray it out. As a child I would end up in bed with Mom. Very often both me and my brother were like this at the same time and Mom would have us both babbling to her. I remember she bought us a tape recorder and told us to talk to that and she would listen when she was awake…giggle. She was funny my Mom. 🙂

I don’t have nightmares as such with this learning mind, more wanting to solve things and understand things better. But it can keep me awake all night and also I can go into anxiety with this.

The retreat

I have called it this because I know that even though I have shutdown, I am with God I am filtering and preparing. It is from my shutdowns and giving them to God that I learn the most life changing lessons. From deep in the pit, knowing He is there with me helping me piece it all together, I know now that I will ascend with new understanding. When I am in retreat I have to just do what I can to function. I have to keep praying for God to bring me out. It is not a place I like to go but I know now that I will learn my most valuable lessons from here.

When I am in this place sleeping happens because I am completely drained. I have to be kind to myself and I have to do whatever makes me happy. Using my creativity is my way out and I find God speaks to me through what I am doing or through simple things, through the still quiet voice.

I sleep quite well when I’m in retreat but very often wake up feeling upset, angry, alone and I can’t understand why.

Why I wrote this out.

I thought that as I am seeing this with myself, maybe others have their own patterns too. I like to share what I learn on my personal journey of self discovery. I have always felt so alien and alone, sharing helps me to not feel this way. I also know there are SO many undiagnosed Aspies out there seeking answers. Some of you may never comment, but you are reading. Maybe something I write in my silly Lisa Lingo will help you feel that you are NOT alone and you are NOT alien.

Love and hugs.

Lisa. xx 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Aspie sleep patterns, reminder why I blog.

  1. I remember this post! Goodness it is good to read again. I think I have been in ABSORBER mode for months now! I need some sleep. 🙂

    This has so many great things in it I am glad you shared it again.

    Love you bunches!!

  2. Lisa, always keep writing. I am not Aspie (well, at least, not diagnosed and not much), but I learn from all you post. This post really helped me now as I still try to deal with my new stroke sleep cycles…usually (with meds) 2 hours sleep, wake, 1.5 hours sleep, wake, 2 hours sleep, wake, 1 hour sleep wake…up. Sometimes, one more 1-2 hour sleep. Usually need a nap at some point which can go from 1-3 hours. This is pretty much every day, then, about 1 time in 3-4 weeks – I will crash and sleep 4-5 hours, wake, sleep 1-2 hours wake, sleep 1-2 hours wake, up.
    Thanks for sharing,

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