The most wonderful gift

Today was an amazing day

I got the most wonderful gift. Not anything that can be boxed, wrapped in pretty Christmas paper with a big red bow. No, it wasn’t anything material like that. It was something much more valuable.

Today I got to see my beautiful daughter *CAL smiling and happy spending time with her cousins, all four of them.

I would love to be able to share a photo. It’s Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday, it would have been so wonderful. But out of respect for my brother and his wife I will not be sharing a photo here on my blog. I will only be sharing a memory, something for me to find on one of those days when I look back at my old posts. My brother and his wife have very fixed ideas. Believe me when I say it is just a blessing for me to have a photo of my little girl sitting with her cousins.

I don’t know when or if this will be happening again

I do know that it was totally God and the answer to a prayer. It wasn’t arranged at all, I took my *CAL for an after school, spur of the moment, treat to McDonald’s. I was amazed when my little sister turned up with her two beautiful boys *Jah (little *J) and *EJ. But both my sister and I were totally shocked when our sister-in-law walked in with both her children following.

I miss spending time with my brother but I will not pretend to be NT just to fit and be accepted. And, I certainly won’t be forcing either of my kids to conform to someone elses idea of a social norm. I love my kids exactly as they are, they are growing at their own pace and being the perfectly unique individuals they are created to be.

Today was a blessing, a small glimpse of what could be

But I will not let it haunt me and cause me to want, I will just be grateful for the memory. I believe God is in all things, all situations and all people, especially children. The smiles we saw today will not be forgotten. Not by myself, my sister and I don’t think for one minute that my beautiful niece and handsome nephew will forget easily either. I may not get to see them often and I may not be the same kind of Auntie they are used to. But I know in my heart how much I love them and I see in their eyes that they see me.

I found this poem today on a scrap of paper

I was sorting through my paperwork, a job I totally detest. I often scribble down poems and forget where I put them unless I blog them. This one was in a pile of old school letters and certificate, so it was sort of organised and in a safe place.

It seems fitting today

So I’ll share with the piece of music I was listening to when I found it.

Love and hugs friends. xx 🙂

Love Light, Shine Bright

by Alienhippy

Crushed heart? Mocked spirit? Hidden light?

Don’t go there gentle child

All lies upon lies that feed your mind

None of them truth but silent teases

Empty out these thoughts, those taunts

And breathe in them never more


Cleansed in a sacrificial love

Your walk pleasing your heart is filled

Your soul lifted and daily bathed in grace

Shine and be all that you are

This slate has been washed clean

Now let there be a you in this world


Do not doubt and hide your face

Wrapping yourself in invisible blacks

Instead let this love light shine so bright

Giving heart to those who pass

Let your light shine bright before you, before all

Seeing worth, knowing truth, giving hope


And praise your Father in heaven




7 thoughts on “The most wonderful gift

  1. You are absolutely correct. Just enjoy today’s moment for today, do not lessen it or strip it of it’s magic by projecting the future onto it. It simply was and it is magnificent as it was and it doesn’t need to be anything more. Congratulations on a wonderful day lived! 🙂

  2. You been holding you Clear Quartz sis? – Your thoughts are very clear cut in this post.
    It was a lovely time we will treasure, shame our brother wasn’t there too.
    Love you all the world an a bag of sugar, xxxx 🙂

  3. God is totally instrumental in this. Beautiful. I love each and every one of you and would never want any of you not to be yourselves, as God intended. Follow the narrow path. Love you all xxxx

  4. Just found this. Rather timely given that after a string of too many working days in a row, my kids spent the day at the beach with their 20-something year old cousin. The only male cousin older than my boys, along with his not-quite-time-yet fiancé.
    Best day for ages even though I’m now tired and sunburned. ❤

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