Giving you the heads up

Unfinished (acrylic on canvas)

I have given my blog a make-over. New background and new headers. The headers show at random and change each time you click (it’s fun)

I have used all kinds of images. Some are of my art and fractals. Others are walks I have been on. There are a few cropped photos of my favourite places. Places where I sit with a coffee, write, reflect and be still. Also there are a few of my favourite things and special interests. Some memory photos that help me feel connected to the special people in my life. Of course there are also fun photos with my kids, pets and my collections too.

Alienhippy’s Blog…REALLY is a place where I can be me!

YAY!!!!   (insert happy-dancing here)   🙂 )))

I was going to write a post explaining why I have done this and YES it does involve a meltdown and a shutdown. Also a panic attack that was so out of proportion but lasted in total around 3 hours. Yes I was looping over stuff BIG time.

Today I am peaceful in my mind and heart

I feel still in my being and confident in who I am. So I  have no urgency to pour out poetry, prose or my emotional guts. I don’t need to analyse myself, I am just acceptant that these things happen and I will keep learning as I go. Also my mind is a little airy-fairy and not in it’s clever place today, even with numerous coffees, it’s wanting to be calm. So I really can’t be bothered to write about it all just yet, I’m going to enjoy not thinking for a change. I’ll maybe do it tomorrow if I remember. giggle. Or if my brain is that way inclined, we’ll have to wait and see, I never know from one day to the next, unless I just stay in my bubble then I know I’ll be ok. 😉 😉

Today is about my visuals not my Wonderfully Wired weirdness.

(Just so you know I am fine with my weirdness it’s not one of my triggers)

But the important thing is that through all my loops and misunderstanding God helped me to see. Do you know what I see? I love blogging, I NEED to write. I love my visual mind and all my many, many, many loops. Writing helps me to process all that goes on inside of me, not just my brain but my body too. Writing and sharing helps me to filter out the negativity and stop it from controlling my moods and behaviour. Seeing me in print and hearing from others that I am not the only one is such a blessing. I am 43 years old and only now seeing that I am not alone.

I will write……..

I will write when and how I choose to write. I will write WHAT I need to write in a way that helps me. I love that I can share who I am now, I love that so many of you communicate with me via comments, Facebook, Twitter, email and Skype. It’s so good to have friends.

My blog is my blog, “A place where I can be me!”

With all my new headers it even seems to reflect a little of how quickly my visual brain will change. Click something new, click another idea, click oh that’s so pretty, click I’ll go for a walk now, click where is my cat, click where are my other cats, click I need to clean, click I need to paint, click I need some music, click I need to be still.

I feel it REALLY does reflect a little bit more of who I am.

I like me, I love how God created me to be.

I love my new blog look too!

Love and hugs all beautiful friends out there in bloggyland.

Hey…see my stone collection? Isn’t it cool and aren’t they just so shiny!

Here is an image to click on if you only have a small screen.

It’s my NEW background photo. 🙂Thank you for coming along on this adventure with me and being the nice, kind, loving souls you are. I’m sorry I can’t always answer your comments but I do read every single one of them. They mean the world to me and they help me so very much.

Smiling at you. Lisa. xx 🙂

Here are my headers, cropped and collected for now. I will be adding more as time goes by. I am learning and growing all the time. My blog will be a reflection of this.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This song has no relevance to this post what so ever. I’m putting it here because my *CAL has this on repeat quite loudly EVERYTIME we go for a drive.

I really enjoy trying to sing and rock out to this with my precious daughter. Eventhough we have no clue what the song is actually about.

Enjoy or don’t, we like it anyway. After all we are all unique in who we are.


15 thoughts on “Giving you the heads up

  1. I LOVE your new look! I clicked on your images and had great big smiles the whole time. Funny, I just emailed you and was going to call you my lovely Koi fish. ha ha ha Your “weirdness” is most fabulous and wonderful and I gain such joy when you share all of the wonderful parts of you. You are a great treasure on earth, my friend!

    Love and hugs to you too!!! 🙂

  2. I LOVE your stone collection. Christian has one too. His Poppa is making him a special box for all the ones that he does not have space to display. He spends the short break at school in the sandpit excavating for new stones and small rocks. The changes to your blog are great. XXXX

    • Hi Dearna, nice to see you here on my blog. Thank you for commenting. I love that Christian has a stone collection it will be lovely for him to have a display area for them. The ones on my background are in a lovely bowl I keep in my conservatory. I like to polish them and as you can see leave them to dry off in order. They are stones I have found and bought also some of them were collected for me by close relatives. *CAL also has some special stones that we have collected together. We keep them in a thimble rack, they are from all the day trips and museums we have visited. I have added a photo to my media library so you could see them.
      Love and hugs my friend. xx 🙂

      • I read almost all of your blog posts Lisa but because I dont like typing on my phone I often dont comment. I love your perspective on things and often wish I knew an adult aspie like you in my real life. You are so generous with your insights into what life is like for our precious kids and I am thankful to you for that. Xxx

        • Thank you Dearna, your words here mean a lot to me. I share what I have lived and what I live each day in hope that something I share will bring light, help or healing to another. Much love to you. xx 🙂

    • Hello my precious friend, thank you for always loving my Wonderfully Wired weirdness. You know I love you and everything about you. Let me know when you are free to Skype, we haven’t played hide and seek for a while…..LMHO
      Love you to the moon and back. xxxx {{{{HUG}}}} X

  3. You have made a breakthrough. Love this post and your new Blog Designs, it is brilliant. Love the video. Had to share it on Facebook. Love you xxxx

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