Under the birch tree

Under the birch tree

A moment captured on my BlackBerry mobile while spending time being still.

Hello my friends and the Jesus in you.

I’m still ten minutes early for school pick up. I walked from my car to where I am sitting the long way round. Just so I could walk through the Autumn trees. The colours are so amazing. I love the way the leaves blow around and flutter to the ground. Singing like little dancing forest angels. Quite spectacular, they make me smile.

While walking I saw a Mistle thrush. She was digging around in a pile of darkened leaves, obviously some of the first to fall, they had lost their shine. She quickly flew off when I tried to take a photo. I so need a camera with a zoom lens.

I thought of you while I was walking. I chatted with you actually and thought if I had a little more time I could have written you a poem. The thought made me smile again. I am so going to do that, please remind me if I forget.

I’m sat on a very cold walk now, I can feel the cold numbing my bum while I’m writing this on my mobile. There is moss growing in all the cracks of this wall so it’s quite damp too. It’s very interesting to look at now I am being still and can see. The dark, fresh, green against the terracotta red brick. Such a wonderful contrast. It would so clash as clothing, but with nature I notice all colours bring light to one another.

This wall I am sitting on is under an old silver birch tree. They are not the most spectacular of trees when it comes to Autumn. They seem to be slower to share their change. The leaves I am gazing at are still green just lacking their summer depth. They are tinted around the edges with a hint of Autumn glow. The silver birch does stand out in the snow though. I love how their bark captures the sun’s reflection from a frosty morning. The frozen sparkles from a tarmac road twinkling their spectrum on the mirror of an old and sturdy friend.

Oh, here we go the gates have opened and the kids are rushing out. I need to go and take my place next to the lolly-pop man so my little *CAL can find me.

Psalms 86:11

Teach me your way, O Lord,

and I will walk in your truth;

give me an undivided heart,

that I may fear your name.


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