Each one is a process.

It’s a battle I conquered.

Playing with colours.

As I kept moving forward.

Sometimes words say less.

Sometimes paint says more.

Sometimes words flow freely.

Sometimes paint is my outpour.

Sometimes words are just too tough.

Sometimes rhyme and colour is enough.

I went to see a psychologist today.

On the way I practised what to say.

But as I sat in the psychology chair.

I found that those words hadn’t followed me there.


10 thoughts on “JUST PROCESSING

  1. Gorgeous! Lovely! Awesome! I adore them all, especially seeing them all together. I adore them by themselves too, but there is something about seeing them all together that I find very moving. Love you!! Angel

    • I love what you wrote here too. I forgot to type that. I scheduled my first visit to see a psychologist today. I am going to write about that, it is in October. I am already scripting and for some reason I feel like all I will do is cry. I have this feeling that I will lose my words.

  2. Lisa, did you paint these amazing pieces? Whether you did or not, they are beautiful and so well express your (and my) variety of emotions and thoughts! Great job. I love them and I love you friend. You are perfect the way you are. Me too.

  3. Lisa!! These paintings are amazing!! Absolutely beautiful! My favorite one is the red and blue swirly one under the words “Sometimes rhyme and color is enough.”

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