I’m still a child at heart.

Be warned I have had coffee today…of the full caffeinated variety. This post is a jumble of things I said to my closest friends yesterday without caffeine just a bit of ice cream, a lot of spirit and the company of my beautiful daughter.

“I’m just being me!”

  1. Toys R Us may have found a way of bolting up the scooters. But they forgot about the skate-boards. These wide boards feel very different to my slim red flyer, still good though. πŸ™‚ hehe
  2. I’m trying to not focus on how terrible I am at social stuff and how freaky I come across in friendships. I am thinking I need to just focus on what I am good at.
  3. I’m playing on the skate-boards in Toys R Us. such fun!!!
  4. I’m heading footballs now, it’s fun too. I found a board like my old flyer skate-board and impressed *CAL with my skills.
  5. I have just spotted a pogo stick that’s my next plan. The man keeps walking past but I’m ignoring him. He is probably worried I will break my neck, he doesn’t know I’m still bendy enough to do the splits and can still do cartwheels and stand on my head.
  6. Giggle…*CAL videoed me on a pogo stick but my boobs look huge and they’re bouncing all over the place. I need a better bra. πŸ™‚
  7. You gonna pogo with me too then. That would be so cool, two middle aged women pogoing round Toys R Us.
  8. My friend reckons they locked the scooters up because they see me pull up in the car park. I love the Razorwings. I wrote a post once about my playtimes in Toys R Us. I think it was called “Scooters and Daleks” (Wrong title it was called “DALEKS and Flying Scooter.” AlsoΒ THIS is the post I was thinking of.)
  9. I love toy shops, I can spend hours here. Not at Christmas though all the people ruin it for me.
  10. Photography while pogoing that’s original. You would have to do it one handed…LOL.
  11. I don’t think about danger when it comes to me not until I hurt myself or get stuck. I’ve always been the same. I used to worry my mom stupid. I get it from my dad, he still climbs trees just for fun, or if his kite gets stuck.
  12. I want to go down the slides, I LOVE water slides. And I want to go to animal land too.
  13. I don’t need books, I don’t like books, books are boring…I want to run and jump and slide and swing and copy all the animals.
  14. You say slides and animals, my eyes grow wide and my heart beats faster.
  15. Catch the kid in you and go with that, I see your inner child, I see you.
  16. OH YES!! I so have to see Judge Dredd in 3D even if I have to go on my own. I LOVED the original.
  17. Hmm…What to do? Write a post for one of my blogs, I do love to write. Or watch a film with dragons in it, chill out and drink some wine?
  18. A link for any other Dr Who geeks out there, warning this does include a few spoilers. BUT…seriously people Dinosaurs and Daleks, spaceships and time travel…what is NOT to LOVE!!!! (Doctor Who Series 7 2012: What We Know)
  19. I hide my childlike self with most people but I know you get me.
  20. For my lovely hubby (Mr Locoman)…. See, this is what happens to poor innocent train spotters. This explains everything…LMHO.

The problem I make for myself is I try to act like a grown up because I am aware that is what I am supposed to be. But grown ups are not always nice and I don’t really fit with that or want to act that way. I want to be me and be able to say how I feel, express myself openly and honestly like little kids do. But people get me wrong because I am no-longer a child, but I am still a child at heart.

19 thoughts on “I’m still a child at heart.

    • Hi Amber Raven, I love reading from a screen but with books and me there is a LOOOONG history. I am dyslexic and school was not that kind to me. I have had a fear of books all my life because of the pain/fear and bullying I went through at school. But now I know I am aspie and have other traits that have held back my learning I am able to find new ways forward. I learned to read when I was 26, the computer has given me a whole new look at life.
      Love and hugs and thank you so much for visiting my blog.
      Lisa. xx πŸ™‚

  1. Wish there was a “love it” button. I am such a kid at heart, of course being single makes it much easier for me to be a kid- no shorter than I am beings following me around. I am watching Dr Who reruns right now (well OK all day everyday for the last week πŸ™‚ – looking forward to the new season tonight but you are probably already preparing to watch it as it is nearly 8pm on your side of the pond.
    You are awesome never stop pogo-ing

  2. yer i am very child like think alot of aspies are iget very funny looks whe n want to join in playing with kids and not talking with adults I sometimes try think this is a good thing as a few people i could mention always take life so seriously it is very sad !! and actually think they have been serious all their lives !!
    It is good that their is such an assortment of people in life !!! to make comparsions in nought so queer as folk!!

    • Thank you loubyjo, I too think a lot of people take life so seriously. So many people actually believe they can only have fun it they spend loads of money. I think watching little children having fun with something as simple as a packet of straws or a colander, learning from these things are the lessons I take to heart.
      The scripture that Tilly shared with me today is my favourite scripture and what I believe is the way to happiness and true freedom.
      Love and hugs friend. xx πŸ™‚

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