Listening to my Jesus

Listening to my Jesus

by Alienhippy

Open up your heart and mind and let me step inside.

Exposing every part of love we’ll banish earthly pride.

We’ll give our love, our all, our truth not listening to fears.

Misunderstood and taken wrong, the angels dry our tears.

They judged us with an earthly rod and see us as a threat.

They cannot understand this pain, through love we will forget.

Forgiveness comes the Spirit leads, but hurts they will return.

The thoughts are there of what has past, just ponder, pray and learn.

You cannot change this love inside, these ways that aren’t your own.

Smiling with those brightened eyes and seeking your way home.

Some have pulled away it’s true, they showed us their true ways.

Not wanting to but we stepped back left hurt and in a daze.

We’ve heard the words I’m sorry, they understood us wrong.

Keep hoping, loving, giving you’ve lived in fear too long.

We live the life of freedom that our Father gave to us.

Let go, let God and His true words rebuild with inner trust.

I’ve seen you at your weakest and loved you just for you.

I prayed for you both night and day, knew love would get you through.

I’ve felt you broken hearted, this love inside so deep.

I hold you in my loving arms bring comfort and relief.

Many have only left in fear they cannot comprehend.

The depth at which my Spirit gives I am your perfect friend.

So just let go of worldly thoughts, listen and you’ll see.

You no-longer need to wear a mask keep saying, “I’m just being me!”

You may not be the normal type you give when most will take.

This love is unconditional it’s open, pure not fake.

I’ll never leave you friendless or hurting in your mind.

I’ll sit with you and hold your hand we’ll pray till answers find.

So please see past the ways of man and see your heart means well.

Because I only speak the truth and this is what I’ll tell.

That every part of every life that touches your own soul.

Is here to keep you learning, guiding you to feeling whole.

Each person is a blessing, giving lessons of release.

So keep on persevering in this grace with perfect peace.

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