Sweet love cocoon‏

Sweet love cocoon‏

by Alienhippy

(A poem for the wounded butterflies)

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I relived your flight a thousand times

The figment you fed through words

Trying to grasp your hidden truth

To understand your meaning

To see my own heart in mind’s eye


Bending imagery

Created in an illusion of self doubt

Poured out into my being

Confusing my love

Draining my essence


Can you not see this pain?

Words upon words of fear

A sting to carry self punishment

You said you are love

So why this twisted tongue?


I listen as you will yourself invisible

Talking of your meaningless

You see yourself a worm

Wanting for the grave

Hurtful of yourself with untruths


A thousand times you break my heart

keep blaming me with what you see

Attacking with your dreads and fears

I will bend not break

I will not go away


Keep slapping my face this cheek is red

Piercing my heart with your angst

Stabbing my soul with nonsense

Reject me but I’m still here

Through my tears I will have faith


I will keep on praying

I will keep on hoping

And I will keep on loving you.

But the lies I will not digest

I have touched the light you are


The light you once knew and have now forgotten

I still see the real you hidden in this darkness

I will hold to the truth

Fan the flame within your depths

You are created to be beautiful


Colours radiate, shimmer through this dimming

Breaking the emptiness with reaching spirit

Created in love unconditional

Please let go of your scars

The thorns that snag you belly down


Live in your light

Emerge from this cocoon

Accept the rest that brings healing

Then let yourself fly free

Just live and love and simply be


Poetry reaches into my heart, connects with my soul and haunts my mind. I seek to live in the light or the darkness consumes. Sweet love cocoon me within stillness where I will find solace. Emerging as a butterfly… transforming growth and love made new.

I will write about this poem and how it helped me to process but in a different post. I will also be adding this poem at a later date to my creativity blog

“Listening through the Loops”

Love and hugs. Lisa. xx 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sweet love cocoon‏

  1. This is a poem I think many people can relate to. It is so hard to stand by and watch others suffering because they cannot see the beauty and light within them, and hard to have them try to pull you into their confusion, darkness, and sadness. Energetically this can happen without us even knowing. I love this poem very much. It shines through with your angel wisdom, beautiful heart, and your unyielding faith and hope—-rare qualities we need much more of in this present day. xoxoxo Sam 🙂

  2. Heartfelt. Love you. Keep getting weird visuals today. Washing peas in colander, throwing out the bad ones because they spoil taste of the others xxxx

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