Flower of gold

Photo taken by a friend

Flower of gold

by Alienhippy

Come hear my song of brightened delight

Bathed in this glory of radiant white

Alone I rise from this sea of doubt

Head held high yet the odd one out


Gaze at my beauty I’m not like the rest

Gentle and sweet always giving my best

Rooted firmly and protected I stand

Forsaken in a crowd but safe in His hand


Reaching heart, eyes open to the sky

Accepted in love not questioning why

Radiant in this glory my spirit runs free

Shining like a star and living to be me


Swayed by the breeze I’ll bend not break

Alive and growing no longer playing fake

Unique by design this truth I confess

Created to be remarkable, different not less



13 thoughts on “Flower of gold

    • Thank you grannymar, I love that you visit my blog and comment. Sorry I am so slow at responding to my comments I have days where I really just can’t find words. Love and hugs. xx 🙂

  1. lovely poem shoos how life is up and downs it is downs that make us stronger i often wish i could be another person but your posts makes me see i should be bhappy be ing me it is late otherwise would write more !!

    • Thank you loubyjo, what you wrote is perfect. 🙂
      It is true, it is in our down times we find connection with self, God and those closest to us and we become stronger through those connections. Or that is how I seem to grow anyway. Love and hugs friend. xx 🙂

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