My kids get Super Focused

Our three year old Rottweiler was so very excited to go out to play on the dog yard this morning. Not his usual slow to get up and be dragged out to do his business kind of attitude at all. When I opened the utility room door to let him and Zazzy girl out I could see why. “OH.MY.GOODNESS!” I thought to myself. He’s a dog and a dope he knows no better. BUT…I have told my kids so many times NOT to leave ANYTHING on the dog yard.

He had found himself some new toys to play with while out there having his poo last night. Let’s Say *AJ is NOT going to be happy AT ALL, and I see my purse having to open within the next few hours. Two Badminton rackets and four shuttlecocks all chewed to pieces. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

*AJ is out at the moment but he is going to want to play badminton when he gets back. It’s the in thing, the focus, the special interest and fun, fun, fun for all the kids right now. Even in the pouring rain. (I smile because I understand) I once erected a 6ft fence in the pouring rain because I just had to get it finished…LOL

His guitar, Badminton and driving my car is what he is about this school holiday. His driving is coming on really well. I’m so very proud of my boy.

About the Badminton court.

It is finished, we just need to cement the posts and wait for the new grass to grow in. He worked so very hard building the badminton court and was so super focused on what he wanted to achieve, and he has achieved it. We have all the lines marked and painted in, a professional net and he has laid new turf where there was once a 10ft trampoline and a large sandpit. It looks so cool.

When my kids decide to do something they do it with vigour.

I was chatting with *CAL this morning

She has been very focused on drawing lately. Drawing and playing badminton, she has no choice with the badminton when her brother jumps up and down singing his badminton chants. Anyway, I was talking to her about getting her some better pencils as she has only been using a HB. I do a lot of painting and Batik but I don’t really sketch anymore so haven’t got proper drawing pencils only HB’s and 2B’s. Our conservatory is also an art room so *CAL has free run at anything she would like to use. This week it is drawing and she has been totally absorbed in what she has been learning for herself from YouTube tutorials. I think it is wonderful how our Aspie minds learn with special interests. She has taught herself so much from what she has been interested in. She is so very talented, I love watcing her learn. I love school holidays my kids are so alive in the school holidays.

I’ve also been thinking

I can see that the best teachers for ASD’s are the ones who give a sense of wonder to a subject, those who love their subject and speak with enthusiasm for it, making a child want to learn more for themselves. Those who make it interesting and exciting and allow a child to express and search in their own ways. The school holidays give my kids the freedom to explore and they learn so much by finding their own way with gentle direction.

I was talking with my *CAL about an experience I had at school when a substitute teacher took our art class. She accused me of tracing a photo of a Toucan. I hadn’t, I was just super focused and made my drawing perfect, but her words and attitude put so much fear into me. That can be a post for another day, maybe a story post obviously something I still haven’t worked through. UGH

Talking with my daughter about this helped me understand how differently I learn and how focused I can be on creating exactly what I see, and I see in GREAT detail. I love chatting with my girl she is so bright, so wise for her age and such a great listener. My kids teach me so much, I totally adore my kids. I wish they didn’t have to go back to school.

My daughter is 11 years old she is diagnosed with ASD and dyspraxia.

I LOVE the words she used herself, so I will just share them with her drawings.

This is Roxas, from Kingdom Hearts. No videos were needed, just some awesome music and the power to stare at a picture for a couple of hours. ๐Ÿ™‚

Click on image to make larger

Well… This is one of my neatest drawings! With the help of this video,ย  I was able to draw the main character of Kingdom Hearts, Sora. Go and check out that youtuber’s other videos as well, I’m sure you’ll find at least one thing to draw!

Click on image to make larger


6 thoughts on “My kids get Super Focused

    • Thank you Eileen, she is far more focused than me and has way more patience. She hasn’t got the ADHD traits like me but has dyspraxia with her Aspergers. It affects her balance, co-ordination and organisational skills. So these drawings are such an achievement. She organised herself, and co-ordinated perfectly.
      Love and hugs my friend. xx ๐Ÿ™‚

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