Escape from my spiral

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Escape from my spiral

by Alienhippy

Hollow calls beckon into the darkness of silence

My heart rips as soul is dragged into its empty cavern

A sealed fate of unenlightened despair

Bleeding me of my being, sucking at my energy

Stop your ways you creature of not knowing, you will not win

Stop with your lies you blackened beast, this cave has a way out

This inviting twilight, a glimpse, a glimmer of inbetween

Fragments of a memory will not hinder my voice

An awakened rapturous hold takes me better ways

The illumination of this inner call

So tenderly spoken, a loving whisper

Bringing me up out of my spiral, my twirling doom

Away from its gravitational pull on my mind

I have a voice and as my worth grows you weaken

I can fight you with words, heart words victorious

Your terrors are not my prison any more

Escape your fear, I am no child under tyrant’s restraint

Climbing heart, learning mind, lifted spirit

Levitated from your darkened crevice

I will not be silenced any longer, I will not be caged

I will live and breathe and speak and be

And, I will love

Even from the depths of my pit



18 thoughts on “Escape from my spiral

    • Thank you Robyn, it was a wonderful piece to write such a release for me. Yes, love is the key. Giving and receiving love brings me through all.
      Isn’t that photo just wonderful, when I found it I was so excited and would so love to take shots like that. I so need to buy myself a camera, my mobile is ok but since my camera was stollen I realise just how important my images are to me. The mobile doesn’t quite capture what I feel.
      Thank you for stopping by. Love and hugs. xxx 🙂

  1. Yes – loved the image… looked at the others in the series too– all so surreal. I’m still debating cameras here too. I have a great time with my iphone 4S – but my canon gives me some more special effect options. Do find just focussing through any lens is therapeutic. Great post Lisa!!

    • They are wonderful photos I found them while searching for a photo of a cave from the dream I had last night. I thought it was a cave my Mom and Dad took me to as a child but I think it was just my way of processing, or God helping me to write out my angst. Whatever it helped me anyway. 🙂
      I have some money to replace my camera but I am so bad at spending money on myself. If it’s for the kids I have no problem at all. But with me even spending my own Birthday money is a massive challenge. hehe. 🙂

        • Thanks Robyn…I will. You are right I do deserve it and it is my Birthday money after all, which I got on 1st June. giggle…that’s like nearly 2 months ago now.
          It’s about making a choice isn’t it?! 😉 I’m SUCH an Aspie….hehe

    • Thank you lovely Wayne, I love that God gives me a way of letting it out.
      I was a little worried that no one would understand this poem. But I knew God would get it and so do a few others. Love and hugs friend. xx 🙂

  2. Fabulous. I see a lot of transition in your past few poems. So happy that little me is clapping inside super loud, and I’m wearing pink nail polish, and ribbons in my hair, and little fairy stickers on my cheeks, and glitter on my brow…..Just to see you share like this is so wonderful. And of course I sooooooooooo get this place of deepness. You put into words that which is difficult for many to describe. Fantastic. ~Sam the geek

    • I knew you’d get it, we are too alike for you not to get it. I can so see you wearing pink nail polish, ribbons in your hair, little fairy stickers on your cheeks and glitter on your brow…LMHO…I really am! ~Sam the geek, if you’re a geek that puts me in the geek field too…that’s so very cool and SO much better than what I was called at school, geeks are clever…I’ve always wanted to be a geek. BUT….one question. I thought you were a Basna, Mrs Woodelf?
      Love you so very much. xxx 🙂 ❤

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