Don’t follow the crowd

Don’t follow the crowd

by Alienhippy

Don’t follow the crowd they’re all too loud

With clever words and voices

Sit and be still and see past the thrill

Of opinionated choices


It’s all down to me which way I will go

I have my own heart and mind

Go with the mass even though it seems crass

Or pray, wait and see what I find


When cornered and beaten in silence He stayed

I know in my heart that His heart would have prayed

The accuser with motive blamed for things never done

God’s love is so deep that He gave up His Son


So, I stand alone

Knowing God guides me home.



10 thoughts on “Don’t follow the crowd

  1. Unfortunately, our world is built around flexibility, variability, fluctuations, and moderation. Most of the world operates in the middle ground, fluctuating occasionally from one extreme to the other, only to quickly modulate back to moderation. Most NT people get annoyed and even scared by people operating in the extreme ends. People “out-of-sync” with the rest of the crowd, and reactions do not stay coordinated with the rest of us. Not only does the person with autism not understand our relative processing, we do not understand their “all or nothing” reasoning. This lack of match makes it difficult for people on the spectrum to “fit in.” Often not understanding “why” they don’t get it, only increases the anxiety, further decreasing the ability to regulate.

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