Busy having fun

We have had a very busy week with lots of day trips and lots of fun. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the school holidays. I feel happy, my kids are happy, yes we just LOVE the school holidays. 🙂

So what have we been up to?

This week we have been to the golfing range. The aquatic centre. Sat at the canal and had snacks. We went on one of *AJ’s adventures at some local hills. We took a picnic and ate it at the top. We walked all the hardest trails and climbed all the steepest hills. That was so much fun but I have bug bites that are itching like crazy, after fighting my way through ferns that were as tall as me and seemed to go on forever.

I have been taking *AJ out every day to practise his driving. He passed his theory test and is driving the car really well. It won’t be long before he is driving without me as his qualified driver.

Today *AJ decided to build a badminton court in the back garden, so *CAL, *AJ’s lovely girlfriend *A, and me have been helping with that. It has been a really hot day and so wonderful being outdoors instead of indoors. He worked very hard on it and all the chalk lines are down now he just needs to add a net. *AJ and *CAL have already had a game, *AJ made a strange sort of net using a piece of washing line and some of my clean washing. He’s such a funny boy…hehe

To find the room to make a badminton court *AJ first had to move the trampoline and reset it at the bottom end of the garden. Dig out a Pampas grass that had seen better days. Mow the lawn, also turn over and reseed some patchy areas. We also had to move a huge tractor tyre that was once their sand pit.

Our garden is changing and becoming more grown up

The kids swing and slide have gone, the trampoline is no longer the first thing you see. The sand pit is no longer a sand pit. I have plans of making it into a water feature. We also need to buy a new barbeque, patio table and chairs. The outdoors seem to be calling to us lately and I am not the sort of person to ignore a call that is good for my kids.

Here are a few photos of our week so far

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11 thoughts on “Busy having fun

  1. Lovely post and lovely photos. I love to see you and yours together, enjoying nature, and having fun. Proud of you for that climb….and can’t wait to see the court when it is completed. 🙂 hugs and love to you.

  2. Such a happy post, I so enjoyed having a peek into your adventurous week! I wish I was there with my kiddies!! Oh, a grown up garden. Hee hee what fun! Great pictures they put a huge smile on my face seeing them all collected together.

    Love you tons!

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  4. Why are the swings gone? I’m 18 and I’d still love swingsets (unless they’re really short like 2m or something)… then again I’m a TOTAL kid at heart (I’ve even on multiple recent occasions gotten stickers [local theme park… says Junior Security on it and looks like a police badge] and even discounts [to The Avengers movie] that are supposed to be for 12 and under, even though I’m 173 cm tall), so ymmv.

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