Emotions let loose

Meltdown shutdown in paint

Emotions let loose

by Alienhippy


Crushed crippled insides

Grafted piety erodes my soul

Attackers voice, loud accuser

Internal wrench of past pain

Constant battering of imaginings

A need of expression

Aching, craving, longing


I yearn humbled seekers

Seekers of the still

Come comforter enter

My Hazenland of desperation

Another soul searcher to rest

Trapped in lonely wanderings

Tainted emptiness ever present


Always teasing, taunting

Away you scars of venom

Cracking this mind to darkened want

Pressing, poking, pushing

Spiked corner of isolation

Spoken or swallowed?

Digested be these fearsome words


The unyielding nag of deception

Frantic and irrational verging on paranoia

Addicted to abusive mistakes

Patterns pressing deeper

Into this scarlet blood swelled abyss

Solitude, but not peace filled

An island of not knowing


Too confused

Too loud, too bright,

Too obsessive, too demanding

Too passionate

Too sensual

Too many, too much, too much

Too much of everything


Explosive internal cravings

This heavy drain of guilt

Those judging eyes

They tell of my wretchedness

Or is it their own?

I cling to truth

Knowing I am enough


I know love

I am loved

He is love

I. how the religious can sometimes make me feel

II. yearning for spiritual connection and communication

III. my sin and fear, self judgement after being in a religious sect

IV. confusion caused by absorbing the emotions of others

V. how this world can sometimes make me feel

VI. how people can sometimes make me feel

VII. giving it all to God


NOTE: Hazenland is an imaginary world, a place of escape and acceptance.


14 thoughts on “Emotions let loose

  1. My soul is crying, because I love you, but also because I could have written this. I understand the whole of this….Our minds and spirits are so huge that we take on the world at times, and finding retreat is so often a battle….I do love you so…and when I see how beautiful you are, I am always reminded of my beauty, too. You are such a gift. And this post is one of my favorites….sigh….big hugs my sweet, sweet friend. ~

    • What more to say other than I know you get it because we are so very alike. So glad God found a way to connect us and we can be friends. I love you too!
      Thank you also for all the love and kindness you have shared with me and for your constant support, it means so very much to me.
      Love you friend. Me. xxx πŸ™‚ HUGS ❀

  2. Lovely. Seb likes it too, listening to Fix You has actually slowed him down from his manic morning frolic. Love you xxxx

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