The Still Small Voice

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The Still Small Voice

by Alienhippy

I wish I wasn’t so intense

Because it causes so much stress

My thoughts and feelings pour from me

Then I’m left in one big mess

Not knowing if I’ve said too much

Or worded it the right way

I know I’m honest and speak my truth

But do I always have to say

What’s on my heart and in my head

Can’t I just not care instead

It seems to be the most popular way

But I guess today, I just need to pray

The still small voice I hear

Calms my fear

As tears roll down my face

I am comforted by His grace


11 thoughts on “The Still Small Voice

  1. Hakuna Matata, I love you.
    Question: Have you ever just given it to God, like physically acting out the process, the stress I gave Him came from me chest, left like a parcel posted to Him and the replies I receive are lovely.
    Stress = Head-mess, Head-mess makes us make no sense, talking loops doesn’t help, just confuses everyone, Just let go and let God take it then He can care too much instead.
    You are unique and wonderfully made, God wants you to be who you are with Him first.
    Love you always big sis

  2. i can really understand this especially the bit about speaking too much or too little !! which is what i tend to do alot of !! glad I’m not the only one.

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