Our day with photos.

Today was supposed to be the last day of *CAL’s transition course to her new secondary school. A trip was planned to a country park where the SEN kids were going to do a quiz and then the school was treating the families to a meal out at a carvery. I had prepared *CAL with what was going to be happening, she was excited and we were just about to leave the house this morning when the phone rang.

It was raining, I had noticed this

But I hadn’t thought that the trip would get cancelled, after all this is England we are used to it. It’s just usually a case of put on your wellies, cagoule and grab your brolly. The trip would have gone ahead as planned but the secondary school got flooded last week so they needed to keep the staff. It was all hands on deck in case the school flooded again.

So now I had to tell *CAL

If you have or know a child on the spectrum you will understand that you can’t just change plans like that without some form of hiccup. With my *CAL it usually comes in the form of confusion and a shutdown. I chatted with her about what had happened and she started to get upset, she loves her new school and was really looking forward to it. She really couldn’t get her head around the idea of being at her Junior school for the whole day.

I spoke with the HT of her Junior school and he was fine about me taking her on an educational day and letting the school know at the end of the day what we did.

This is what we did.

First we popped into *CAL’s new school to collect her art work that she has been doing this week in her transition days. She met with the teachers she has been working with this week and arranged with them to make a quiz from around the country park.

When we got there

She studied different kinds of tree bark and leaves as she went walking in the woods. We photographed some of the trees to use in some art work. We discussed imaginary lands and creatures that we invented that might live in the trees. We found a tree that looked like it had a doorway into fairyland. *CAL also spoke of people from stories in Greek mythology that turned into trees. Baucis and Philemon, also Daphne.


Baucis and Philemon

Apollo and Daphne

We spent some time studying the rock formations of the local area, in the visitors centre, while the rain was very heavy. *CAL then picked herself some stones to bring home. She also picked herself a wooden kit sculpture of a Stegosaurus to make over the weekend. I got myself a coffee and let her play with her stones while we waited for the rain to slow down. She lined them up in different colours and arranged them in shapes and sizes.

We also studied the maps while in the visitors centre and found that hidden in the woods are many sculptures. One of them is of Icarus, *CAL recently had a new game for her 3DS called “Kid Icarus Uprising”Β  So we are going to go back on a dryer day and find this sculpture, she REALLY wants to see it.

We spent some time at the play area too

*CAL has Dyspraxia as well as Aspergers, this affects her gross motors skill and also her balance so it was lovely for her to have the play area all to herself for a change. It was also great for me because I got to play on everything too, including the zip line…YAY!!!! πŸ™‚

Then we went and had our lunch in a little country pub

While we were waiting for our food to cook *CAL did some sketches and practised her hand writing with my calligraphy pens. We did a lot more than this and the time was wonderful. We didn’t really notice the rain. We just enjoyed having a free day to be our Aspie selves. We let our wonderfully wired minds explore all the adventures that our tangents take us on, without the distraction of feeling overloaded. We enjoyed the outdoors, the trees, the breeze, the smells, the sounds and even the rain.Β  But most of all we enjoyed our Mommy and *CAL day.

Here are our photos

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14 thoughts on “Our day with photos.

    • Thank you Eileen, we did have a lot of fun and yes she does take after me, thankfully not with the dyslexia though, her reading is very advanced for her age. Love and hugs my friend. xx πŸ™‚

    • Hello my lovely friend, it was a fab day Jo….I’ll bring that brolly when we meet up it’s massive and everyone can fit under it. You know what our weather is like. Love you loads. Lees. xxx πŸ™‚

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