I’m quiet today

God will guide the stone

by Alienhippy

Come close my little one, for you I sent my Son

And I know sometimes it’s hard to trust in me

But I will never leave, I send comfort, I don’t deceive

You have within you my truth to set you free.


Don’t listen to the lies, my word has made you wise

So you can fight, not let the enemy win

The victory I will send, I am your Father and your friend

I gave my Son, He took away your sin


Just trust I’ll guide the stone, and bring you safely home

Your Goliath to me is just a grain of sand

Be like David sing me psalms, I will deliver you from all harm

I have all your days within my very hand


I’m in a quiet mood today and needing to filter through many thoughts. I tried to write it out but couldn’t find the words. I got out my guitar and sang a few songs but still had nothing. So I decided to share this poem from an old post. It sort of speaks for me today anyway. Hopefully I’ll be able to think more clearly tomorrow. I have had a very busy day and had to process quite a lot that has overwhelmed me slightly.

I did find this song quite fun and thought I would add it with my poem.

Everybody Knows Dave… hehe

Love and hugs. Lisa. xx 🙂


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