The Lone Seagull

I sigh deeply as I rest the full weight of my head and all my confused emotions into the palm of my left hand. My elbow slides a few inches across the scratched wooden surface, as my head feels so heavy. I lift my eyes and stare out the window towards the sky. The clouds are so very white, yet tinged around the edges with a gentle blue and light grey.

There is a breeze in the air and even though I am indoors I feel I can sense its freshness. I inhale and imagine being away from this time, this space its staleness and the stagnating unrest I feel in every part of my being. I let out an even louder sigh and then lower my gaze as I know I have made myself known to those in the room. I sink down into my chair.

A few moments pass and again I gaze to the sky and its travelling clouds. My vision then wanders over the willow trees, a small oak tree, past the silver birch and on towards the dogs home. I can hear the dogs and imagine them locked in their kennels waiting for the next human to walk past and give them some love, or just some contact. Some of them I fear have been there so long they know the routine, their time of exercise and next meal. I think on a few dog breeds, visions of friendly faces, wagging tails and hidden souls behind puppy dog eyes. I can hear their cries and howls as loudly as the mumbling drown of the voices in the room in which I sit.

My attention goes once again to the beauty of the blue sky and the passing clouds and as I smile to myself a lone seagull perches upon the flag pole. He looks directly at me, 20 ft away but a glass wall separates us. I am cocooned in a room on the second floor, I am level with his place of rest. His head tilts as if knowing he has become my one thought. Is he pondering me as I am pondering him? Can he read my thoughts I wonder to myself?

I turn my body and look more intently at the friend I feel has come to rescue me from my teenage misery. I smile at him and he nods his head. A knowing, a recognition, a moment of joy and my heart smiles. I know in my spirit that God is sending me His love.


This is a memory from my school days, it plays in my head as a film.

I can’t remember the exact room I was in, what teacher I had or what the lesson was even about. But thinking back on this today I can honestly say, I learned a lot more in this lesson than what was actually being taught.


8 thoughts on “The Lone Seagull

  1. Leesy,

    You described many of my feelings during school, even now. That is why when my “critters” come I love to talk to them. In school there were bugs that I would find, or plants that I would find comfort in as I tried to make it through each hour.

    I love what you have written, and you did such an eloquent job.

    Love you bunches!

    • Hello my lovely Angel, I had a feeling you would relate to this one. I was thinking about how you told me to use my dyslexia and how it makes me see things differently. I have been praying about it and I think God is starting to move in me with this now. Thank you for praying for me too.
      I love you so very much. Leesy. xxx 🙂 xxx

  2. Pure poetic beauty. Truly inspired and scribed with such love and authenticity. This is one of my favorites of yours. I can feel the kind energy of you behind it. Truely makes me feel like I am floating. Thank you for sharing. xoxoxoxo ~ Sam 🙂

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your way of describing everything with words it paints such a picture. As a former education professional, I am sorry you and others with LD have experienced times like this in school. I am glad you got an education from your own mind and the nature out the window, so much more valuable than many of us ever learned from books. Keep sharing the things and ideas you see in your mind- God gave you gifts and appreciation that so many of us who I consider you one of the lucky ones as you had the plasticity in your brain to learn as you grew and matured. You truly are a blessing to many.

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