“Mother is a plonker”

You will laugh so hard at this, I am so naive. I’m not sure if I should blog it or not, but I know it will give you a giggle and I so have to tell someone this silly story. I spent an hour praying earlier about a little blue pill I found on the stair carpet.

It looked like drugs to me,

I prayed it out and cried about it, thinking it was one of *AJ’s friends and not knowing how to tell the Mother. I knew it didn’t belong to *AJ or his lovely girlfriend *A, but I wasn’t sure about *AJ’s friends and they are all grown-up adults now, they are not little boys anymore. It’s not cool for your Mom to be hanging around when your 18 and chilling with your mates.

Anyway, I decided to confront *AJ after fetching him from the gym, I really don’t want drugs brought into my house, so I rehearsed all I would say and I took the little blue pill with me. I knew if I placed it in his hand and asked the direct question he can’t lie and I can tell if he tries to, especially if I catch him unaware.

So I waited for him outside the church, I was still praying and going over my lines. He got in the car and I was all serious with my Mommy hat on. I said to him,

“Son, I have something I need to ask you!”

I place the little blue pill in his hand, give him a concerned but loving look,

“What is this and who does it belong to?”

*AJ looks at it closely, screws up his face and then opens it up and says,

“It’s a smartie Mother, look it’s got chocolate in the middle.”


Ok…I really didn’t know they sold mini blue smarties. I feel such an idiot now.

Tell me you wouldn’t think the same too, just look at them…. 🙂


10 thoughts on ““Mother is a plonker”

    • I knew you’d laugh, it’s a good job you live so far away or I might have slapped you. Or come round your house for you to examine the little blue pill.
      I am just a little girl really…hehe
      Love you my lovely friend. xxx 🙂 ❤

  1. How funny!

    You know one time I thought my step-dad had cocaine in a container of his car… it was salt!!! Ha ha ha

    Another funny thing is earlier today I thought to myself that I was an M&M chocolate candy. I have a hard shell on the outside, but I am filled with chocolate sweetness. Lol!! I am such a GOOF!! I thought it was hilarious when I read this post and it was about a smartie. Too funny.

    Love you bunches and your wonderful mind!!! 🙂

    • I love you Angel, you are so like me. 🙂
      Also we do tend to have these wonderful moments of odd connection, have you noticed my lovely friend. So…tell me what time was it when you imagined yourself as an M&M???…was it a blue one by any chance…LOL
      Oh Angel…can you pass the salt please…LMHO
      Love you my wandering butterfly. xxx 🙂 xxx

  2. I would have been exactly the same. Very funny. Uncle Cyril thought I was on drugs whan a bottle of anti-biotic fell out my bag. He gave me the third degree. Love you xxxx

  3. I would have been concerned, too. Don’t feel stupid. At least you can laugh about it, now, and it come to nothing. What if you had chose not to say anything, and it was some type of pill? I think it was best to know for sure what it was.

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