Thanking God for friendship

Two years ago today God brought a very special person into my life. This person left a comment on one of my daughters poems. I didn’t realise as I read her comment to my little*CAL just how special this person was going to become. I had to read that comment so many times to my *CAL and watched my girl jump up and down with delight.

I followed the link back to her blog

Back then it was called “Welcome to the madhouse” I wrote her a thank you email and our friendship began. I was not looking for friendship, I was in hiding isolating myself from all people and I only shared poems and art back then. I didn’t know that Fiona had been praying and she saw that God was working.

Fiona has been my closest friend for two years and in that time she has shown me the loving kindness I needed to open up and start to share the real me, the me that God created me to be. She has taught me to see myself as

Wonderfully Wired, Created to be remarkable…

My friend has been a continual support, a teacher, a friendly face, someone I trust, a comforter, a shoulder to cry on and someone to giggle with. She has prayed me through meltdowns and talked me through shutdowns. She has coped with my EFD moments, my completely loopy days, my panic attacks, my frantic thought loops, all my babbling and so much more. She has also been my prayer partner, my spiritual equal and has loved me enough to help me keep account of who I am before God.

I thank God every day for my friend,

I see her as a gift, a blessing and the answer to a prayer. I also thank God everyday for the technology we have because my closest friend lives over ten thousand miles away. Through this one friendship God has helped me to heal enough to be me, to take off the mask, to share me and to be a friend to others. I am growing each day and I see that being myself within loving and accepting friendship is what I have always needed.

Fiona is neurotypical, she is the Mum of three beautiful kids, her two boys are on the spectrum. Because she is NT she can help me to understand how friendships in my past confused me. She takes the time to explain what is Aspie and what is not. I don’t fear who I am in this friendship because I don’t have to pretend. Also Fi has an inside seat to the inner workings of my Aspie mind which she has told me has helped her to understand her boys so much better, and she also sees this as an answer to a prayer.

She loves me and accepts me just as I am.

I also know that she prays for me and my family every day.

So to celebrate the gift of friendship I asked Fi if she would mind me reposting a poem that was inspired by who she is. This poem is about the friendship I have been seeking all my life, the type of friendship God gave me a vision of as a child. I had given up on ever finding true friends and then God brought me Fi. I am now able to understand myself enough to see that friendship does exist and that God sees the bigger picture.

A Gift of Friendship

by Alienhippy

All my life I have searched, not knowing quite what for.

Trying to find a friendship, from a life I knew before.

Where friendship was not one sided and rejection just didn’t exist.

Where I could give without thinking and receive without having to resist.

This life was not on this planet, but I remember it deep in my heart.

It was shared with me in a vision, it was given to me at the start.

When God put me on this planet, He gave me the parents I’d need.

He gave me a brother and sister, and in His love He gave me His seed.

The one thing He forgot to tell me, was that people change as they grow.

That His children will not always be like Him, that to reap I would first have to sow.

I scattered my seeds of friendship, I shared my heart openly.

I gave till there was nothing left to give, but nothing came back to me.

My heart felt totally broken, I decided enough was enough.

I hid in a place where I felt safe, I only accepted Gods love.

Then a voice from Heaven called me, it said, Be yourself you don’t have to pretend.

You are perfect the way I created, I have made you the perfect friend.

You don’t have to travel to find her, I will bring her to you this time.

So, I stretch my weakened hands of friendship, and in both hands you took mine.


(As the poem explains, God sees the bigger picture)


11 thoughts on “Thanking God for friendship

    • Love you Jo, I’m so glad you moved all those thousands of miles and we can meet soon. God is so good! 🙂 Smiling at you my lovely friend, you too are a gift, a blessing and an answer to a prayer. Leesy xxx 🙂 ❤

    • Happy 2 year friendship day my precious gift. 🙂
      Smiling at you and blowing you kisses. 🙂 xxxx
      I LOVE how God works through you.
      Love you all the world and a bag of sugar.
      Leesy. xxxx {{{{HUG}}}} X

  1. This is a beautiful post, Lisa. What a lovely tribute to your true friend: Fiona. You have both blessed me with your candour, insights, refreshingly expressed thoughts about “Aspie-ness” and your open declaration of God’s love and His specific intention in creating you and leading you into spiritual growth towards being more like Jesus as you daily trust Him for so much… I love you both in a special way. I cannot really tell you HOW MUCH your blogs have enabled me to understand and deal with ASD children in more effective, specific ways. Bless you BOTH!!! Pippa

    • Love you Pippa, I look forward to the day I managed to travel all those miles because I get to meet you too. Thank you for always being such a wonderful, inspiring and loving friend. Love to you and yours. xxx 🙂 ❤

  2. Moving and love-filled post. Your poem is beautiful. And I am so glad God called you to stop pretending so we all get to be witness to your beauty! A wonderful tribute to your dear friend Fi; I know she means the world to you, and I am so please you two have one another. Thank you for sharing your friendship journey with us and blessing us with this uplifting, happy ending. Love the photo 🙂 Hugs, Sam

    • Thank you my lovely friend, I am also very glad that God called me to stop pretending because I can be me now. 🙂 I’m so glad that He got you to stop trying to fit and be you too, in ALL your Aspieness! hehe….I just LOVE how Aspie you are, you make me look almost “normal” giggle. You are such a wonderful friend, a blessing, a gift and another prayer answered.
      Love you so very much. Me. xxx 🙂 ❤

  3. Lisa, what a beautiful poem, and I praise God that He’s given you such a wonderful gift. In doing so, He not only touched you in a very special way, but He touched all of us who read your blog as well. We’ve all learned something about being open and receptive to others, and we’ve all grown a little (maybe even a lot) in watching you grow in your relationship with Fi and our Lord and Savior. I doubt you truly realize the impact you’ve had through your blog, but let me assure you’ve been a blessing to many, myself included. In Christian love, Wayne

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