Hippy 2nd Birthday

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,


If you scroll down and look at my blog Archive you will see one post in May 2010.

This post says……

Hello World!


Yep…today is the 2nd Birthday of my Alienhippy Blog.


The 1st Birthday of my creativity blog “Listening through the Loops”


Tomorrow is MY Birthday, Happy Birthday ME! 😀

For those who are new readers

You might be interested to know that starting a blog was a total accident but also an amazing God-incident. Through blogging God has brought me so much healing.

I feel accepted for who I am created to be. I also feel heard for the first time in my life. I’m not saying I find blogging easy, I don’t. The last post I wrote on bullying actually caused me to go in and out of shutdown for 3 days. I know though that God will always meet me in the pit. He will comfort me and through my creativity, connection with Him and His unconditional love I find strength to keep “Just being me!”

I’m not a natural writer, but I do love to write.

Writing is like a filter for me, it helps me to calm down all the tangents and visual replays in my head. Sharing is a challenge because I naturally want to hide who I am. Being Aspie and never feeling I fit has made me conform over the years and not truly be me, to wear a mask for the show. But through sharing I have found so many who relate both as Aspies and those who love others on the spectrum.

Here is a small piece from one of my first written posts

I haven’t got a clue!

I have tried watching tutorials on how to use wordpress, and tried reading all the instructions wordpress have given. However, I have decided it doesn’t matter how much reading a dyslexic person does, the best way to learn is to play. So for this, my first attempt at blogging, I will be playing and publishing my playtimes. Maybe one day soon, I will be able to understand this enough to put together a blog on my Artwork with links and allsorts.

I will mention at this point, that I am a person who has had to learn about computers at middle age and have only been using ICT for just over 12 months. So if you comment, please be kind. You might give this poor old girl a complex.

This post always makes me giggle, it helps me see how much I have grown over the last two years. Also how quickly my aspie brain was able to solve the puzzle of wordpress without any reading, just playing and allowing myself to make mistakes.

This one also makes me giggle, especially my one comment off my hubby.

Ok, I’m getting it, a bit???

(Also known as… “No, my son is not a hoody…lol”)

I think you’re getting the picture…I really hadn’t got a clue.

I didn’t know what my blog was for but I knew from the start that it had to be

“A place where I can be me!”

If you are thinking of starting a Blog

Please don’t think you can’t do it, be brave and have a go. I am dyslexic and have Aspergers syndrome. I have felt isolated all my life. If I can do it, so can you.

We all have a story to share, read the links on this post and decide to just be YOU.

YOU are unique and amazing and created to be YOU!

This is one of my favourite posts

Blow your trumpet Aspie, be like Gideon!

It’s the one I read everytime I think of quitting.

I want to thank each one of you

For the encouragement you have all given me over the last 2 years. I have loved every comment you have left, they encourage me to keep posting, please keep leaving them. Also for the friendships I now have with so many others on similar journeys, with similar interests, similar hurts and similar victories.

Thank you most of all for the love and acceptance I feel, even when I’m at my lowest and I blog a really depressing poems. I am honoured to have “met” you all in bloggyland.

I love you all and thank God daily for you being a part of my journey.

God bless.

Love and hugs. Lisa. xx 🙂


11 thoughts on “Hippy 2nd Birthday

  1. I have loved watching the transformation in you as God has brought you out of your comfort zone into the land of blogging so that you can let His light shine so brightly for others to see 🙂

    Happy blog birthday and happy almost birthday yourself 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I stumbled on your blog almost a year ago. Through your wonderful posts and poetry you have ministered to me and my 11 year old daughter. Before she just bottled everything up. But she’ll read something you post, and say, “yes, that’s me!” She is finally starting to express who she really is, and what a beautiful sight it is to see her blossom. Thank you for that!

    • Thank you Michelle for your comment, I pray every day that God uses my life to bring help and healing to others. That He takes my posts to those that need them. Knowing your little girl is relating and communicating has brought me such joy. I feel so emotional right now. It’s comments like yours that make my shutdowns worth the pain. Also it’s worth fighting the fear of publishing my vulnerability. What a wonderful Birthday gift. 🙂
      God is so good! God bless you and yours.
      Love and hugs. Lisa. xx 🙂

  3. So glad I found you and your blog. Happy birthday blog. And happy birthday to an angel of a friend. Yay, you! You overcame a lot by blogging, and have touched so many lives. xoxoxo Sam 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday!

    I am so happy that you decided to share yourself online. I feel relieved and delighted to connect with you. We live so far apart and could never realistically meet yet we share so much. It is good to meet you and travel along! 🙂

    “Writing is like a filter for me, it helps me to calm down all the tangents and visual replays in my head.”

    I love this! Writing helps me, too. With so many thoughts flitting about, fingers are good tools to channel them into something meaningful!

    Happy Day!

  5. Your Blog has obviously been a success and you have a way of sharing your experiences which helps others. Love you xxxx

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