One thing I LOVE about blogging

Hello my lovely Bloggy friends,

One thing I LOVE about blogging is being able to look back and remember. I have been reading through many of my old posts today and thanking God for the growth and changes I can see in me.

Blogging has helped me so much and it continues to help me daily. I love my slot in the day to read my favourite blogs and make contact with friends. I now have friends all around the world. Friends who get me, and wouldn’t want me to be any other way. That is just so amazing and something I never thought I would have.

I decided to repost this post of a time when I was feeling totally overwhelmed with all the building work that was being done on my home. I had cleared out my attic and had boxes filled with things that I hadn’t seen in years. This post has two poems in it that I wrote as a child. I have many new blog followers now that didn’t know the Alienhippy back in 2010.

SO…I thought this would be a nice change from my usual…open, honest, vulnerable and probably a little too intense at times loopy self…hehe

You know you all love me really. Right? šŸ˜‰

Love and hugs. xx šŸ™‚


Well today I had no intension of blogging what so ever.

I have been an emotional basket case all day, and had no inspiration at all.

I put off sorting my unopened boxes as long as I could.

Then enough was enough, I asked my friend to pray for me and it worked.

The first box I opened was a box that my lovely Mom had left for me.

In this box was a collection of my school things.

Some of my School reports, how they didn’t figure out I had difficulties I don’t know…lol

I also found reading my old note book highly entertaining

Amongst the scribbles and cartoons of Adolf Hitler as Head Teacher wearing a dress, Ken Dodd with his tickle stick and various teachers all doing very naughty things…..hehehe.

I didn’t say I was an angel, I’m only human… AND…I was a rather rebellious teen.


Well anyway…I found this really funny chat that I had with my school friend Jeanette.

Where we had passed my note pad back and forth, writing really stupid things.

I giggled that much reading this I don’t know how I didn’t wet my knickers….lol

I would love to blog it, but it is far too rude………………….lmho

What I did find really funny even back then, I was so into writing poetry.

I finished this chat off by challenging my friend Jeanette, to write a poem about winter.

……………how VERY un-relatable Lisa…giggle

Where she answers, “Why? What on earth for? You know I can’t write poetry!”

Anyhow, here are a couple of poems I found that I wrote as a school girl.

This girl that goes to my school

Who took my friends away

She isn’t very nice

They’ll find that out one day

She bosses them about

And tells them what to do

She said she doesn’t like me

And she hates my boy friend too

When it was my Birthday

She broke up all my toys

And ’cause the teacher didn’t see

She blamed it on the boys

And one day in the playground

She kicked me in the knee

But what upsets me most of all

Is…my friends won’t play with me.


And then this one…….

I must be a fool to go to school

When at home I can play all day

I only have to bang my head

And Mom says, “You can stay in bed.”

I only have to start to cough

Or maybe find a little spot.

Then down to the doctors we will go

“Keep her in bed for a week or so!”

Then when the week is up

And Mom is not quite sane

I wake up in the morning

And say, “I’ve got a pain!”

Mom says, “Where does it hurt?”

“In my belly”

“Go back to bed and watch the telly”

She doesn’t moan, she picks up the phone

She finds a teacher she can tell


That I’m not feeling very well

Then gives me Disprol for my ache

She doesn’t know that I’m a fake.




4 thoughts on “One thing I LOVE about blogging

  1. Oh, Leesy! These poems ring familiar tunes to my childhood. My mom wouldn’t let me have a pet as a young child. Not until I got older – I had two hamsters, but they died and were not very good friends. The one I loved the most Sniffles could never be replaced. That is why I collected all the critters around the house, they were my friends. Lightening bugs, frogs, and my stuffed animals all my best friends because I didn’t have any or at least not very nice ones at school, if I went to school!

    I had belly problems all the time and I loved it when I was actually sick. (I usually had to stay home alone because mom worked, or stay with my grandma.) I got strep throat all the time and would have to stay home and I was SO glad to have to take penicillin, lose my voice, have a such painful throat pain because it WAY better than school. I had bullies at the bus stop who destroyed my belongings or hit me with rocks, or tried to hurt me somehow and call me horrible names. I hated school so much. Blah!!

    But look at us now Leesy! Just look at us now!! Big Smiles!!

    Love you so very much!

  2. So similar to my childhood apart from toys being broken. I had to laugh because I also used to draw cartoons of the Teachers and they were usually dressed up as Ken Dodd’s Diddy Men. Love you xxxx

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