Poem…Think about the bubbles

*CAL with Jack and Roger

Think about the bubbles

by Alienhippy

I often watch Jack the goldfish, swimming around in his bowl.

Looking at the world outside of himself, I wonder about this soul.

I’m on the outside and looking in, while in loops he swims around.

Content with life as a goldfish, the answer he seems to have found.


He hasn’t got legs or whiskers, he hasn’t got fur or skin.

He’s covered with shiny scales and peace he brings in his swim.

He doesn’t graze out of his bowl comparing, with all the things he is not.

He has a very short memory, so if he has he’s already forgot


I think about being a goldfish and seeing the world through glass.

To me it seems quite Aspie, feeling not part of the mass.

Not knowing a world outside me, but finding a way to conform.

Denying the way I’m created, feeling bewildered and torn


I do find some things confusing, I pray and God sorts my troubles.

As a fish it would be so simple, swim and think about bubbles.

This idea of being a goldfish is amusing, I know I’m set free.

I’m made in the image of God, my brain is the way it should be.


My mind dances in spectrummy tangents.

My heart sings in whispering swirls.

Guided through all I am seeking.

Given faith in the plans He unfurls.


Yes… Wonderfully Wired, Unique and Alive.

I may be different but with God I survive.

He shows me ways, He leads my days

Forever thankful I’ll sing His praise


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