Heart Smiles

Heart Smiles

“Life’s little luxuries” is what first came to mind as a title but when I Googled images for this it was not at all what I was looking for. I’m thinking more along the lines of “Mumble Moments” You know the little tap dancing penguin in HAPPY FEET. His happy-dance was his heart song!

Anyone who knows anything about ASD knows those moments of happy-dancing, or happy-flapping. As an adult Aspie I have learned how NOT to let my body get the better of me (most of the time) but inside I still feel it. I still feel the excitement and joy wanting to explode but I know how ridiculous and eccentric I would look. Shame really that society has this pressure to conform. So I have to hold it in a lot of the time, but I do allow my heart to smile.

I woke up early with a moment of inspiration

I very often share precious moments in my day, the ones that make my heart smile on my Facebook as a status. Most times these precious moments are missed, they get lost and forgotten. I then feel sad that no one danced with me or may just think I am strange.

Those who are closest to me know how intensely deep I can be at times. They also know how incredibly silly I can be too. They know how I have an overflow of me to share because my happy-dance is dying to get out. I have come to realise that maybe Facebook is not really the place for my “WOW….God you are SO amazingly awesome!” moments.

I have decided to share them here instead.

I have added a page that I have called Heart Smiles, you can see it at the top where you can also find my Home, About and Contact pages. At first I thought that this could be a weekly post, but as I am writing I feel it needs to be more of a “Whenever the Spirit moves” kind of thing. I originally did think of writing a list of ten, but which ten? So I am now feeling that maybe just sharing my Heart Smiles and Mumble Moment one at a time, with anything else that God inspires, is the best thing for me to do.

So here is one of my heart smiles to share with my lovely Bloggy friends.

Dancing Petals.


My heart is smiling as I see the pretty pink cherry blossoms falling in the breeze, bridal confetti sprinkled by God for all his beloved. As it is blown and tossed across the road and paths, I see the smiles on the faces of little children. I see their eyes light up as they see this little luxury sent from heaven. I watch and it lifts my spirit and as it dances and twirls so do I in my mind and heart. It’s covering the parked cars, like little pink polka dots only more natural and far more beautifully arranged. Perfect falling sweetness sticking to the cars as they land because of an earlier shower. I smile again and giggle to myself as I think of all those car lovers wanting their cars kept shiny. What a blessing to see and to taste that the Lord is good!

2 Samuel 6:14 (GNT)

David, wearing only a linen cloth around his waist, danced with all his might to honour the Lord.


9 thoughts on “Heart Smiles

  1. Beautiful Lees!

    I think this it is an awesome idea. I love Mumble and you know I am all about a happy-flappy-heart-smiles-throw in some bubbles and giggles kind of dancing! (Great movie the kids and I enjoy Happy Feet a lot.)

    Your last paragraph reads like a lovely poem. I love it and your heart. πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to see where the spirit moves you!

    I love you tons!

  2. “I still feel the excitement and joy wanting to explode but I know how ridiculous and eccentric I would look.”

    Sometime in the past year I have let go of being “normal” all of the time. I was publicly happy-flappy until a certain age, partly due to my mom’s positive attitude. At home, we are all happy-flappy. My husband is serious outside, but as long as I’m in my neighborhood, I airplane along and sing. I think the neighbors get a kick out of it. They are very kind.

    I am glad you are making a special place to celebrate joy. I wish the world could understand just how glorious those blossoms are. Thank you Lees! &hearts

  3. Totally relate to this Heart Smile. I love Blossom and it is beautiful to see the blossom falling from the tree’ Love it. Love you xxxx

  4. “Those who are closest to me know how intensely deep I can be at times. They also know how incredibly silly I can be too.” ~ I love this. That’s me, too. Love the idea of heart smiles! Super!!!
    πŸ™‚ Hugs, Sam

  5. I am not on the spectrum but I am hardly normal either. Whatever normal is anyway. I get all bouncy when I get happy. I get happy when I get an idea. I get happy when I see something pure. I get happy when I am engaged and those around me are engaged. That’s when I get bouncy and I start to dance. Sometimes I dance to music in my head and other times I will turn on a cd and dance. I will just break out in spontaneous dance and it feels so free and so happy. I like that others who have commented here feel this way too because I don’t see much spontaneous dancing. I taught my boss at work to dance and he said he never, in his 33 years of working danced at work or ever had so much fun. That he felt that made me very happy. I think we should all have happy feet and heart smiles and not be so self-conscious about sharing that side of ourselves. Think what a world that would be! Thanks for a lovely post. Glad I came to visit. πŸ™‚

  6. All of this talk about spontaneous dancing put a visual into my head. The whole world living in an old time musical where everyone just breaks out singing and dancing! How could there ever be another war or killing if everyone is happy dancing. I hope this visual stays with me in my dreams tonight. Love your heart smiles ❀

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