An *AJ moment, my boy and his Pokémon

Hello my lovely Bloggy friends,

Before I start this post I will first tell you that I have asked my *AJ for permission to share this blast from the past, and his words were, “Well I was only seven, it’s not like I was thirteen or something!” I’ll take that as permission… wouldn’t you?

We have had a fun day today

I took my girl *CAL to my Auntie’s to do some pottery, *CAL is currently making a Chao with clay. A Chao (for those who don’t already know) is a cute little characters from Sonic the Hedgehog.

*CAL LOVES all things Sonic, it’s her thing.

The image is what *CAL’s Chao will look like once it has been fired and glazed. We got home quite late this evening and after settling *CAL down I had to do what Mom has to do.

Did you know that most nights I am TEEN- TAXI?

Tonight I was dropping off *AJ’s lovely girlfriend and as we got into the car I heard *AJ chatting about the wonderful excitement he would experience as a child when opening a new pack of Pokémon cards, and finding a shiny. This brought back some lovely memories of my baby boy and his beloved Pokémon trading card collection. Him sitting there on the floor for hours and hours lining them up in different groups and chatting away to his little self. My Mom would buy him 3 new packs a week and she even brought back some limited additions when she went on holiday abroad. They were all shiny and *AJ ran around the house, jumping from sofa to sofa too excited to control his little body. I’m smiling thinking about it, such a cute little boy. 🙂

*CAL was born 8 days after *AJ 7th Birthday

I had to have a C-section and couldn’t drive for 8 weeks. But as soon as I could we needed to get to Mothercare. I was so convinced during pregnancy that *CAL was going to be a boy I had no girl things at all. I spent days crying about this, it upset me so much seeing my pretty little girl in blue dinosaur jump suits. My Mom actually went out and brought loads of pink things from the charity shop to try to stop me crying. That’s a whole different story anyway…I’m babbling again, I’ll write a post on that another time.

*AJ was extremely passionate about Pokémon

He didn’t go ANYWHERE without his deck of trading cards. He talked nonstop Pokémon, he memorised all the details on every card. Back then, with the original Pokémon, there were only 151 to collect. There are 649 to collect now…that’s a whole lot of Pokémon!

*AJ had a deck of about 200 cards

He had them in order by type, he had many doubles but he kept them for swapping. He carried them with an elastic band wrapped around them and he hardly ever put them down.

On this day I said to him, “Son, Mommy is going to be very busy in this shop looking for things for the baby, can you leave your Pokémon cards in the car?” At these words *AJ’s top lip over lapped the bottom one and the tears started to well up in his eyes. I thought to myself….oh no here we go again! I knew if I wanted to even attempt to get any shopping he needed his security blanket (AKA Pokémon) I wasn’t feeling very well and I had learned after seven years to pick my battles wisely, was it worth it I needed to get things for *CAL? I hadn’t got long before her next feed, the thought of making *AJ actually sit still in a baby changing area while I fed her wasn’t at all attractive.

“Tell you what son, we’ll take them but you must really, really look after them, because if you lose them I can’t afford any more.”

Yes…you guessed correctly

*AJ put the cards down while playing with some toys in the store and we never found them again. We spoke to the manager of the store, we filled in forms in case someone handed them in, we wrestled with all the crying and managed to somehow get my little boy back to the car. Don’t forget this was only 8 weeks after having a section, I wasn’t quite strong enough for this….yet.

He sobbed all the way home bless him

He couldn’t sleep that night for crying, he stopped talking the next day and lost his appetite. He cried all of the second night and still wouldn’t talk. I remember phoning my Mom up really worried because he just looked so very drained and she told me to tell *AJ that Nanny was going to buy him some new cards. I told him and he smiled but still looked so distant and lost in his thoughts.

Three days of being totally shutdown

My Mom turned up and gave *AJ £40 to spend on new cards. This would not replace all of them but it would give him enough to start talking again. I put another £20 to that and we went out that day to get my little boy his voice back.

I know this seems insane to some people who do not live everyday in a spectrummy world. Spending money on a card collection for a seven year old child when we really didn’t have that money to spend. But parents of ASD kids will totally know where I am coming from with this. When you witness your child going from his wonderful happy little self to a withdrawn, emotionless, almost non-verbal child. You watch him sitting staring, not eating or drinking and not even interested in playing or watching his favourite TV show or film. When you have sat rocking him three nights in a row, not able to sleep yourself while also nursing a new born baby. Just waiting until he is so tired from the sobbing his body gives in. Spending that £60 was like buying him medicine to bring him back to being himself and I would do exactly the same again if I had to.

We sat under the town clock

We listened to the church bells ringing, my boy and me sat on the wall beneath the town clock with a bag of freshly cooked doughnuts. This was the first thing he had eaten properly in three days. We had gone into Woolworths and bought so many packs of cards we got funny looks off the people in the queue, but I didn’t care. I saw the light coming back into my boys eyes, and the words forming on his lips, I saw the colour coming back into his little face.

He unwrapped the shiny foil on each pack his little hands were shaking with excitement. He named each card as he unwrapped them, so sweet on my ears hearing him have words again. Only days before I had said to Mr Locoman, “How do we get him to talk about something other than Pokémon all the time?”

It’s a lesson I will never forget,

I felt so relieved to hear those numbers, names, types, powers, abilities being recited. I had not realised at the time what a massive role these Pokémon cards had played in my boys life. They became an amazing learning tool, I learned to smile at my boy and his Pokémon talk, my child who only spoke Pokémon. I believe it was these cards that helped *AJ in his love for Maths and History the subjects he went on to study.

He is just completing his A levels now in Advanced Maths, History and Business Studies. His love for Pokémon lasted quite some time and *CAL too has enjoyed having his hand me down special interest.

*AJ collected many things throughout his childhood, I wrote a post quite some time ago about some of the wonderful things he grew to love.

Here is the link… You Know how we love to Collect…!

Each collection he has learned and grown through, there has always been a way to use his special interest to help him.

I never forgot those three day, they taught me such a lot.

Love and hugs everyone.

Lisa. xx 🙂


7 thoughts on “An *AJ moment, my boy and his Pokémon

  1. 🙂 My 12 year-old Daniel loves Pokemon too. I don’t understand those cards, but he knows everything about each one of them, like your AJ did. He draws them, trades the cards, and plays them online.

    He used to ask me to play Pokemon with him. I’d say, “Sure”, then use my fingers to poke Daniel in the side. That’s why I call it “Pokey-man.” Now he just asks his friends if they’d like to play the game with me. They only agree to it once!

    He’s gone through Thomas the Tank Engine, Playmobile, Legos, Transformers, and now Pokemon. Someday I’ll miss those silly cards as much as I miss watching him play with all those other toys. Our children grow up so quickly and then they’re gone. Now you’ve got me tearing up!

    Love and hugs my bloggy friend.

  2. Oh Lees! I just wrote about Pokémon too! We had to get Daniel a nice plushy one to help him have another focus other than a bubble fan. His passion used to be fans, but they are detrimental to him. The only thing I can figure out is that they overstimulate him too much and causes certain things in his brain to shutdown, or get too wild. I am so thankful that he is getting into Pokémon because it is the first thing that he has memorized, acts out, and studies that involves social aspects as well as numbers, strategy, and science concepts.

    It has been a great thing for all three kids in multiple areas. I know you know some of this! I am rambling. 🙂 I am thankful, but I admit my ears and brain get tired of three little kittens (kiddies) running around telling me all about 649 Pokémon! Why, oh why couldn’t they have stuck with 151?? Lol!

    I am so glad you shared this post. It gives me such hope and encouragement.

    Thank you!!

    Love you so much!!

  3. What a great Mum you are. You don’t care what other people think; only about what your child needs. Well done, you! You did the right thing, replacing those cards.

    My boys were Pokemon mad, too. And Digimon. Dragonball Z. And many more. 🙂

  4. Just noticed that you 111 followers! 111 Yippie! Hee hee I know this has nothing to do with post, but I know you understand. 🙂

    Love you tons!

  5. All my guys loved Pokemon a few years back. They went to tournaments and battled at home. If my guy had lost his cards, it would have been a disaster. I can understand how challenging that time must have been. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 xoxox

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