Giggle with God, a light-hearted look at my brain

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Hello my lovely Bloggy friends,

There are six words that I very often hear from those closest to me. I must say, when they are spoken I usually don’t hear them, they take a while to filter through. These words are, “I think you think too much!”

Yep…”I think you think too much!”

I know when I hear these words that I am about to go into either shutdown or meltdown because I am on overload. I have absorbed way too much and I am venting to release and try to gain an understanding. I realise just how very brave and loving these people are, they love me enough to tell me. This makes a huge difference because when I am like this I cannot tell, but just being reminded helps me to go and get some quiet time and process in prayer.

I can be thinking out loud about anything.

My confidence has grown lately and I have noticed I tend to talk more than I used to.

Now…let’s face it,

Who really wants to know the ins and outs of my latest passion/obsession/anxiety. I could be going on about the depth or lack of depth of a particular TV show, taking it onto a whole new level of ridiculous. I could be spouting useless information or numerous facts on something like the colour pigmentation/mutation of anything from a Budgerigar, an oil painting to a Manderinfish, also focusing on breeding and habitat. If it’s alive, because of course they are linked in my tangents and paintings can breathe. Or I could be dribbling on about my latest idea for a new post, new blog, new poem and all the many, many, many, many, many angles to write from.

Did I mention that I once had a YoVille obsession, it became all I spoke about. I mean this seriously, if you are a new reader take a look at this old post. The Alien before the Alienhippy

God gave me my brain for a reason,

He gave it to me, he put it my head because I can cope with it. He also gave me a wonderful coping strategy of having an ASD. It has taken quite some time (42 years) to actually appreciate my brain and want to share it. But sometimes it needs to stay in my head and not come dribbling out my mouth or through my fingers. (That’s an interesting visual, perhaps I’ll paint it…Ewww)

While about to go into shutdown yesterday I wrote this

“I have been feeling like I’m defective, a failure and a freak today. I realised just how extremely intense I am and that no one in my life can cope with my mind. I can see that the filter in my brain just doesn’t work and I just pour out everything that is in my head to everyone I feel close to. This can even be friendly strangers some times.”

By the way…

I’m giggling at this today because it amazes me how quickly my mind will change.

Yep…”I think I think too much!”

While reading my Bible this morning I came across a scripture that really spoke to me.

Micah 6:8 (MSG)

“But he’s already made it plain how to live, what to do, what God is looking for in men and women. It’s quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbour, be compassionate and loyal in your love, And don’t take yourself too seriously— take God seriously.”

We are all such unique and beautiful creations

In our uniqueness we live, walk, talk, share, love and hope in ways that are unique to us. Acceptance for who we are as individuals is what we all need and need to give to one another. No one is the same, and no one can be a replica of another. I love this, now I can see it!

I forget sometimes that Jesus was 100% Devine but also 100% human. He loved living here with us, amongst us, being one with us.

I have pondered on this Old Testament scripture for most of today and got so much insight and inspiration from those words.

Also I remembered a quote I read on a mug

“Why?” is the most useless question in the universe. The only question with any meaning is “What?” Asking “Why is this happening?” can only disempower you. Asking “What do I want to make of this?” does the exact opposite.

We are given blessings and lessons every day

Being grateful and praising God while going through challenges can only be of help, asking “What do I make of this?” is a wonderful question for me with my mind wired to be hyperactive, strategical, analytical, over sensitive, extra-ultra intense, sometimes frantic and verging on paranoid. The question “Why?” Will just add the fuel.

I want to get rid of the stinking thinking

I know on my own I will probably fail, but with God all things are possible.

Love and hugs.

Lisa. xx 🙂


6 thoughts on “Giggle with God, a light-hearted look at my brain

  1. “I realised just how extremely intense I am and that no one in my life can cope with my mind. ”

    Well put! I feel like this sometimes and then whoop! I am so filled with bliss. All that thinking takes a toll, but as you said:

    ” asking “What do I make of this?” is a wonderful question for me with my mind wired to be hyperactive, strategical, analytical, over sensitive, extra-ultra intense, sometimes frantic and verging on paranoid. ”

    It is empowering when others see their differences as a blessing as use that insight to comfort others. Thank you Lisa!

  2. I got a song….Give the negative loop the boot, wally-woop, skatty-scoot and we will make that stinking thinking smell like sparkling darkling, with a willy-wolly-whippy woooooo

    I did not say it was a good song! 🙂

    All of your uniqueness is a blessing, and intensity is a good thing! Passion! Well at least people know where we stand with our intensity. Sometimes it may not be so good, but you know what whether I am too intense on the good side or too intense on the bad side something positive always comes out of it. Normally, it is me realizing more of who I am.

    Woot! Woot!

    Love you oodles!

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