Wordless Wednesday…Cutting, Glueing and Sticking

Hello my lovely Bloggy friends,

This is a repost of an old picture I created just Cutting, Glueing and Sticking. My Mom did a lot of messy art with us as kids and it is something I still really enjoy doing.

In the back ground is my Grandad and the little house I grew up in (still my Dad’s home) it was still being built in this image. There are a lot of images of my Mom and my Dad’s Mom is in this too. That is me and my brother playing in the sand. Also the tiny baby is me on the day of my Christening.

This picture just seemed very appropriate for todays Wordless Wednesday.

A look inside the mind of Autism

This image was first posted 2nd June 2010

I had only just started blogging, I included the following words.

This is called, “PAIN”

It is a look into the mind of my Autistic Father, on the death of his life-long partner. (Mom)

It also reflects my pain after losing my best friend and mentor, and the loneliness I felt unable to express.


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