I just laugh at myself, I’m entertaining to me!

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Hello my lovely Bloggy friends,

I needed to write out my silliness, it’s good to giggle!

Why? I don’t know really, I just like giggling and I just thought it would entertain folk. It might not, but I really don’t care. My blog where I can be me! 😛

Today *CAL had an appointment

I have been dreading this appointment since the day it was booked. I mentally prepared, I made a list in case I suffered from total Aspie brain freeze in the meeting. I collected every official document I have on *CAL’s ASD/Aspergers/Dyspraxia. I knew it would be an hour long and the thought of going to a new building, meeting new people, being questioned was looping somewhat. Also the thought of having to act in a way that is seen as socially “normal ” and help my girl cope for that length of time was slightly overwhelming. I’m not going to share anymore about this. Let’s just say I shutdown this afternoon and I slept for a while, my stomach has now settled and I am giggling about something that happened this morning.

As we all know it is Valentine’s day

But did you also know that it is the 2nd anniversary of my boy *AJ and his lovely girlfriend *A. That is correct my boy and his beautiful girlfriend have been together 2 years today. How many teens do you know that stick at a relationship and make it work? They are good kids and I see how much they love each other.

Anyway back to me and my silliness

As you can imagine this morning I was pacing a bit. The appointment was at 11am. I didn’t sleep well last night and I woke up with very stiff shoulders and my back was so tense.

I’m pacing around the house and getting everything together. I am thinking ahead for *CAL and myself (as always) when *AJ asks me this, well this is what I heard anyway.

*AJ… “Mother….. where is the mash potato?”

I thought this odd because it was breakfast time, but knowing my boy and his bizarre eating habits not an uncommon question in the Alienhippy household.

Me… “It’s in the kitchen on the top shelf!” (I carry on putting *CAL’s things into a bag)

He looks at me odd and then walks into the kitchen.

*AJ… “Which shelf Mom? I can’t see it!”

*Me… “The one opposite the door son!”

I put *CAL’s bag on the sofa and pick up my mobile phone to read a text message.

From the dining room I hear a helpless call

*AJ… “I still can’t see it Mom, can you help me please!”

At this point I am writing an email message to my friend, because I want her to pray for me. I know I’m getting more and more nervous by the minute. Knowing my friends are praying helps me. I’m totally missing the point because I’m getting a little annoyed by the constant questioning of the whereabouts of mash potato.

Me… “Oh *AJ, you are 18 now and you can see I am busy. You also know I have an appointment this morning. It is on the top shelf, opposite the door, in the box.

(I call in my most loving Mother voice, while thinking to myself, why can’t he ever find anything)

I hear *AJ pace around the kitchen some more and then…

*AJ… “I’ll wait for you to finish, I’m hopeless at finding things. I need you to find it!”

My beautiful boy then decides to hovers around me while I’m trying to write. Anyone who knows me KNOWS that this is the best way to stop me from doing what I am trying to do.

With total frustration I put down my mobile on the dining room table, stomp into the kitchen and point at the mash potato that is SO obviously staring at us from the top shelf.


*AJ looks, then screws up his face and looks at me as if I have lost the plot.

*AJ… “Yeah!” (Bewildered and puzzled)

Me… “Mash potato! Mash potato!” (I say wagging my finger at the mash potato) It’s right there in front of you, why couldn’t you see it!”

TOTAL SILENCE….the look on his face was priceless, and then.

*AJ… “Bhahahahahahahahahahaha!” (he totally cracked up)

Me… “What are you laughing at?”

*AJ… “hehehehe hehehe!” (Silent giggle, with a bright red face)

Me… “hehehe hehehe!” (Thinking to myself, what have I done now?)

*AJ… “I said to you, Mother where is the wrapping paper, not mash potato. I need to wrap up *A’s gifts!”


This is funny, I don’t care if no one else laughs….I crack myself up and that’s all that matters.

I’m writing it down for me, to give me a giggle when I look back at my posts.

It might help to know that the part of England I am from we say….

P’TAY-TA, not potato, and PAY-PA, not paper.

“Wrapping pay-pa”…”Mash p’tay-ta”…….LMHO 😉 xx


12 thoughts on “I just laugh at myself, I’m entertaining to me!

    • That’s the funny thing slp! *AJ KNOWS that ANYTHING that I can use in a creative way goes in the conservatory with all my art supplies. Wjy on earth would he even look in the kitchen for wrapping paper. He is SO Aspie and so very literal….hehehe.
      This is still making me giggle today.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

  1. ROFL!!! I do this all the time LOL I have Auditory Processing Disorder so I am constantly miss hearing people and a lot of times I have no clue I did. Makes for a lot of funny stories and interesting conversations. lol 🙂

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