Ask, Seek, Knock

Ask, Seek, Knock

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. (Matthew 7:7-8 NIV)

There are so many inspiring and encouraging verses we can pull on from scripture. One of my favourites (and I have many) is Matthew 7:7-8

I have spoken of how my Aspie brain wiring is constantly trying to solve puzzles and always analysing, trying to find ways to understand.

Just lately I feel that I need to be using this in a way that is best for me and my kids. I understand now that I am Aspie, I’m dyslexic and I may also have traits of ADHD. However I got through 36 years of my life not knowing this, just feeling alien, different and wrong. A lack of understanding from both myself and others caused me a lot of hurt and insecurity.

I feel it’s time for me to focus on my talents and stop trying to work out the puzzle of life with Aspergers. I will still be sharing about life on the spectrum I just don’t want to keep analysing myself. My faith is what got me through life before knowing and my creativity is what gave me a release.

I have a very simple faith, it’s how I have believed since being a child

It goes like this…

I know there is a God and I know that Jesus is His Son. I know He created me to be me. He loves me even when I find it hard to love myself. So I will keep going and I know He will show me the way. He understands everything because He also felt everything. He lived with us, ate with us, laughed with us and wept with us. He died on a wooden cross and rose from the dead to show us the way home. I’m not alone He is ALWAYS with me.

Matthew 7:7-8 talks about three things… Asking, Seeking, Knocking!

We are all on a journey, we don’t really know what the future holds but I believe that our Heavenly Father loves us just as we are. He sees our struggles and He gives us what we need to be close to Him when we Ask, Seek and keep knocking. The door is always open to those who seek.

I found a few of my first fractals.

I was so very pleased I thought they were lost forever, seems I did save a few after all.

This is a search of the Mandelbrot found using JavaQuat.



5 thoughts on “Ask, Seek, Knock

  1. So glad you found some fractals!! I love the post, and I love how God is talking to so many of us with the same theme! Remember, you are ultimately defined by who GOD says you are…not a diagnosis or trait or whatever. When we start to believe we are who God says we are, magic happens 🙂 Still working on that myself, too!

  2. “I feel it’s time for me to focus on my talents and stop trying to work out the puzzle of life with Aspergers.”

    I have been feeling that too my friend. This morning the words that popped out of my mouth were “I think we are more Christ-like when we are being our true selves.” The striving to be who others want us to be, or even our own misconceptions of ourselves can strip away who God created us to be. We then, lose our natural qualities and talents that God has already infused into the core of our being. We lose our own identity, kids don’t do that they are just themselves. Most of the time — unless the word has already tried to force them to be someone else.

    Many times they are just free…last night I wore my headphones in the grocery store and danced with my cart and down the aisles. Just like I used to as a kid and the stores did not overload me. I came home actually happy after having to go to two stores!!

    I am babbling I will go now. I don’t know what I am saying. I hope I made sense. HA! Forgive me if I am too loopy. Lol!

    Love you!!

  3. What a lovely Scripture and it is totally true. I didn’t realise you had lost your fractals, hope you find them again. Love you xxxx

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