Wonderfully Wired on Wordless Wednesday


Hello my lovely Bloggy friends,

My best friend Fi, from over at Wonderfully Wired, sent me a few photos yesterday.

This photo was attached to an email simply called,

“Look familiar?‏” ……………………Yes she knows me that well!

She then wrote…

*Lucas* found a screwdriver and dismantled the truck Mum bought him today…..Ooops!

Two of her beautiful kids are on the spectrum, I love the things they get up to.

You can read about Fi and her kids on her blog, just follow the link above.

She doesn’t mind me sharing her photo as she is having a break from blogging at the moment.

She is spending some quality time with her lovely Mum and kids.

This image has given me SO MUCH to think on

It has helped me put quite a few thoughts together.

BUT…this is supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post, so I’ll share my thoughts another day.

I’ll be writing a post about this and sharing it with you once God helps me bring my loops together, and I have filtered through all my babble.

Love and hugs.

Lisa. xx 🙂


10 thoughts on “Wonderfully Wired on Wordless Wednesday

    • Yep…it makes me giggle too Merri!
      Don’t you just love how our Wonderfully Wired kids are created.
      Does it look familiar to you too my lovely friend.
      Love you LOADS. xxx 🙂

  1. Funny, at least he kept all the parts together. He knows how its made now. I get this in my house everyday as you well know my little Jah takes everything apart with or without a screwdriver. I really thought this wasn’t an Aspie trait just a clever thing to do, finding out how things work and are put together, just shows how Autistic I am too! Love you sis

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  3. The way an aspie thinks is just different. They have inquisitive minds and don’t just want to see something work, they want to know how it works and why does it do that?Same with people, aspies want to know how they think and why they think differently to them. I see this as a good thing. It’s deep thinking really isn’t it? Love you xxxx

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