Keep moving forward

Hello my lovely Bloggy friends,

I wrote a post this morning about my drive around the country side yesterday. Writing helps me to process, it helps me to keep moving forward. I didn’t really go into detail about why I’m loopy, I’m still not going to give too much away. What I will share though is that when things get me down, I can always count on God to help me. He pulls me back out of my pit, and shows me He loves me.

I read this verse a few days ago

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27 (NIV1984)

I love it when you read a Bible verse and you feel it inside, you’re not just reading it! You just know that God is going to bring about the promise.

My head has been looping since 24th July

The reason behind my loops I won’t be sharing but it made me REALLY want my Mom, or my Nan. They are both dead so I can’t chat with them or get comfort from the two people that knew me best. My Dad is very Autistic and cannot relate to me at all. I know he loves me but he has never been able to understand me.

I don’t share very often about my brother.

This is a post I wrote a while back which mentions him, nothing has changed. If you would like to read it feel free, I would appreciate prayers for him.

Onions have layers…Ogres have layers.

Here is a small extract from that post.

Now I’m going to mention…I also have a Brother

He is 18 months younger than me. He is also on the Spectrum but will never be allowed to accept it, as the life he is living (at the moment) is very controlled. For various reasons.

My Bro *BA was BIG TIME into body building for quite some time. He also had a Black belt 4th Dan in Karate. He loves photography and is extremely talented at it. He has won numerous competitions. He used to Sail and we had a small sailing boat that we would sail together. To relax he used to go fishing, where he would read his Bible and drink his own homebrew…lol….happy times.

He has many layers that only the closest of people can see, and only those who truly love him will ever accept. He is very obsessive with his interests and can be lost in them for far too long. He becomes a master of whatever he puts his mind to…I will also say he has written the most beautiful poetry in the past. One day I hope to see my real brother again not the one that is being controlled.


God helps me to see Him in all things

I have written many posts about how God helps me through animals and nature. God reaches people where they are at, His love is unconditional.

Today, while snuggling on the sofa with my little *CAL watching Meet the Robinsons. The theme tune to the movie really spoke to me, it helped me to feel understood.

Also…the words “Keep moving forward!” spoke to me too.

Here is the theme tune if you want to have a listen.

This is where I see God and make connections.

I know a lot of people might not see this but to me this is part of how I believe.

While on the YouTube page listening to this tune I was praying for my brother and thinking about how much I miss who he is. I don’t really know this *BA, I know my little Aspie brother is in there somewhere, if only he could just be himself again.

Anyway, I started to scroll down the videos on the right and found a song totally out of context. It was a song I was singing yesterday while driving on my own, and while sat outside my brothers home praying for him. It’s a song that we would play as teens driving down the motorway in his old Black BMW when he first passed his test. This helped me so much, because I KNOW God knows the truth.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. (Psalm 147:3)

For my little bro



2 thoughts on “Keep moving forward

  1. It is true what you say about God meeting us where we are at. I too Pray for your little Bro. I see messages from God on the side of buses sometimes and I do’t give a monkeys uncle if anyone thinks I’m insane for thinking this. But I’ve struggled sometimes with particular things which I have little control over, looked out of my window and there it is, words of Gods Wisdom. Bruce Almighty shows this very well. When Bruce is standing in the road saying to God in despair “If you are there show me a sign and a truck goes by full of Road signs, which he just doesn’t notice. Glad you do notice. Love you xxxx

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