Happy Birthday *CAL (Not quite WW but definitely WW)

I know, I know…it’s supposed to be “WORDLESS” Wednesday. WW.

However I’m SO VERY proud of my girl today I can’t possibly be wordless.

When she is SO Wonderfully Wired. WW.

My prayers were answered this morning, “Thank you Jesus!”

My little *CAL has been shutdown every morning and most afternoons since returning back to school after the six weeks holiday.

But this morning, she got herself up, washed dressed and ready to go with her big bag of Chocolate to share with her friends.

She has a little ritual on her Birthday

She doesn’t like to open ANYTHING, not even her cards, she waits until she gets home.

While she is at school I decorate the house with the things she wants to see.

This year she has been so grown up

She only has one present that the whole family have contributed towards.

The Nintendo 3DS in Aqua Blue.

The 3DS has become her special interest over the last few months, she talks about it most of the time.

So watching her make the decision this morning, to NOT open anything because she knows that once she opens her present she will want to play and NOT be at school, was wonderful for me.

Being Aware of our Aspie traits is SO important in learning how to self regulate.

My girl is growing up and she is becoming aware of how Wonderfully Wired she is.

Happy Birthday *CAL, I’m so very proud to be your Mommy. XXXX


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday *CAL (Not quite WW but definitely WW)

    Cal You made a very wise decision ,not to open your gifts until after school .
    Then you can enjoy them as long as you want .i wish i was at your school today so I could have some of that delicious chocolate candy .YUMMY

    have a good day at school .

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Cal! I love that your birthday is the same month as my two kids. My son just turned 13 last week and Miranda will be sixteen tomorrow. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that you are enjoying playing with your 3D DS. My son loves his.

    • Hi Sue, thanks for the belated Birthday message, sorry I’m so late with responding.
      *CAL LOVES her 3DS, I mean she REALLY LOVES IT!
      She has called her dog Dylan and her cat Twinkle, she’s so very cute.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

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