A classic kind of funny!

Hello my lovely Bloggy friends,

Today I decided to go and buy myself a couple of pairs of Jeans. *AJ had gone off to the gym and Mr Locoman had got a few things he wanted to do in the garden in between rain showers. My little *CAL decided to stay with Daddy; she’s NOT one for shopping much…not unless there is the promise of a McFlurry afterwards.

Off I go on my own

I do enjoy that time alone in the car; I get to play the music I enjoy.

I do like Pixie Lott and JLS just NOT all the time that’s all…hehehe

The shopping was the usual

Go in, get what I need and get out quick. This is the best sort of shopping I do.

I did see a pair of boots I REALLY want, and a little Jacket I will have to save for.

Two pairs of Jeans one pair in black, one pair in grey paid for and I’m out the shop pronto.

Then the heavens open

As soon as I got into my car the rain came down so heavy.

I thought to myself, I’m not driving in this, it’s too dangerous,

I’ll mess on my BlackBerry for a bit until it slows down.

So I’m sat in my car emailing my friends

Sending photos of the things I want and can’t afford, I know I’m sad aren’t I. 😉


This couple, with Mom, come running out of the store and straight to the Blue Jaguar that is parked up in front of me.

They were in their late 50’s and the Mom was about 80 years old.

None of them had coats on or umbrellas, poor things.

The guy goes to the driver’s side and gets out his keys and starts pushing the alarm button but nothing happens.

His wife shouts over, “Hurry up we are getting soaked here!”

So he tries again, still nothing is happening.

He then stats to push at the key madly and a bit erratically.

I’m sitting watching, finding it all highly amusing.

I have my phone in my hand and I’m so tempted to start videoing this.

But… as I once got shouted at for attempting to take a photo of a massive beefy jogger.

He was jogging with his sausage dog it was extremely funny.

I thought I’d better not risk getting shouted at again.

This key business goes on for about 5 minutes

The wife and mother are now getting a little fed up and look like a pair of drowned rats.

The guy then puts the key in the door. He starts wangling it about. Still nothing.

Now I’m thinking, maybe I SHOULD video this…they are funny looking car thieves though.

He decides to try the other door

The guy walks around to the passenger side where his wife and mother in law are standing.

He is also now soaking wet and looking utterly bedraggled and quite bewildered.

He tries the key in the passenger door. No, it still doesn’t work.

They all look at each other completely puzzled by all of this.

He points the key at the car and tries again with the alarm button.

Plip Plip!

All three soaking wet people turn around and look at the identical blue Jaguar two cars down…LOL

I cracked up…I mean I TOTALLY TOTALLY CRACKED UP!!!!!!

The tears were rolling down my face, it’s a real belly giggle, once I start I can’t stop.

(Ask anyone who knows me, I go BRIGHT red and become quite a giggling mess)

Luckily they were nice people

They too saw the funny side of it and were in fits of giggles.

The elderly lady

She’s doubled over and crossing her legs trying to stop herself from piddling her knickers.

I opened my window and said to them

“That was classic funny! Thank you for the giggle.

I so wish I had it on video, I bet I could of got £250 for that off one of those shows.”

The guy was in hysterics he said,

“I can’t bloody believe it; it’s even got the same wheels and an identical magic tree air freshener.”

Don’t you just love it when you see a classic funny,

and meet people who laugh with life?

8 thoughts on “A classic kind of funny!

    • Hello my lovely friend,
      It was hilarious, I leaned up my car and got my mobile out and then he REALLY shouted at me.
      He must have know how funny he looked. He was such a massive guy and the dog was so little.
      I learnt my lesson though…LOL
      Love you my friend.
      Lees. xxx 🙂

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Had to laugh at the Jogger thing too, although I don’t like to think of you being shouted at. I love a good belly laugh and it’s good when you do your giggling thing. Love you xxxx

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