Dear Jesus…Poem (Open, Honest and Real)

Hello my lovely Bloggy friends,

I wrote this poem back in December and I shared it with my closest friend. I was reminded of it today while reading through some of my favourite poetry on one of my favourite blogs. So I thought I’d share it here on Alienhippy. A lot of my poetry is not shared straight away on my blogs, but today seemed like a good day for this poem to come out.

Yesterday, I wrote this story on Listening through the Loops, it really did help me to release some of the hurts of my past.

A lot of people will not be able to relate to this story, and quite a few religious people would be shocked at my sharing.

However I believe that through all negative there is a positive and God works in mysterious ways.

While in a pit of despair it is hard to see the light, reading real life stories are what help.

In this we don’t feel alone, we feel that others are along side of us and helping us through.

Writing out my thoughts and feelings is my way of moving forward and finding healing.

Music, video, poetry and Art are all ways that help me.

God speaks to each of us and meets us where we are at.

It’s a process I go through

Being able to read and ponder on my emotions.

Also finding words that help express and give me clarity.

Clarity and being able to bring this before God, at the foot of the Cross in prayer, then moves me on.

It is in my personal walk as a Christian and my relationship with Jesus that I find strength.

Being open, honest and real is how I feel God wants me to be.

Love and hugs.

Lisa. xx 🙂

Dear Jesus,

by Alienhippy

I know that you are with me, and I can talk to you

You understand the hurt, my past has put me through

You know each time I cry, your closeness is what I crave

You came to live and be with us, and this is what you gave


Unconditional love for each of us, you laid down the life you had

You taught us how to call to God, not feel alone and sad

Yet all the time you lived with us, you knew that we’d betray

But still you keep on giving, you never walk away


When I wander off alone

You seek me out, and bring me home

Guide me gently through despair

Showing me your loving care


There is no place that I can hide

You teach me how to turn from pride

You change my life and make it whole

You are the light within my soul


12 thoughts on “Dear Jesus…Poem (Open, Honest and Real)

  1. I agree with Fi.

    “You change my life and make it whole

    You are the light within my soul”

    I love the whole poem but the last lines popped out at me and I went “yes!” 🙂

    It is your personal walk and I enjoy experiencing it with you lovely Lees!!

    Love you,

  2. This is a lovely poem and I am glad that sharing and writing in this way helps you put your life’s experiences into prospective. Art, music and poetry are a wonderful way to express how we feel. Love you xxxx

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