Mom’s day…with a few photos.

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

I’ve been out ALL day today, I have just sat down at my desk and turned my computer on for the first time today. It’s after 9pm and I have been out of my home for almost 12 hours. I know I’m going to pay for it over the next few days it’s just remembering why I’ll be feeling drained.

So I decided the best way for me to remember is to write it down as time can elude me and my short term memory is diabolical.

Ok…7am my alarm goes off.

It’s school holidays, I switched it off and fell back to sleep…LOL

I forgot what day it was and that my counselling, with my lovely counsellor, starts at 10:30am. Fortunately I got a text message that woke me up. I woke *CAL up and we quickly got ready. While I was praying in the shower I was reminded of something. Now my Aspie brain CANNOT let these things go…so I had to email my friend from my mobile while I sat drying in my bathrobe…I know crazy, but believe me these things just don’t leave my head otherwise.

It’s amazing I get there on time.

There is a little cafe that I go to and grab a tea to take out when I go to see my counsellor.

After my counselling I go back to the same cafe and write out a reflective review of what I have worked through. Like I said I have terrible short term memory. This also gives me the time I need to process all I have discussed in my 50 minute hour.

I received a text while in counselling

Because it is the school holidays my little *CAL stops with my Aunt while I see my counsellor. My Aunt TOTALLY enjoys this time and so does *CAL. My Aunt needed wholemeal bread and asked if I could stop off at the shop on the way back.

I decided to make the most of this time out alone and go and sit in one of my quiet places. I wanted to pray for those I love and also ponder on what life is showing me and how God is guiding me.

This is a photo I took, it doesn’t really do the scene justice.

This is what I wrote while praying and pondering.

I’m sat on a bench having a chat with God. There is quite a breeze here today and the surface of the water is quite choppy, I’m not sure if you will be able to see from the photo. I was wondering what God was showing me and it suddenly became quite clear.

The wind… it is disrupting the stillness of the surface but the depths are calm.

Also look at the birds… The seagulls are here again, there are a few resting on the water they have their heads facing into the wind and they are going with the flow of the waves, rising over them and staying in place.

Then there are the other gulls hovering above me resting in the wind also heading into it with a knowing about them.

Also there are a few who are using the wind to get momentum to dive into the depths to catch fish.


Ok…it speaks to me, and those who get me, maybe someone else will get it too. 😉

I pop to the local shop

This can be quite dangerous, I take after my Mom with this. The local shops usually have all the local school kids playing around them and the kids all know me as I’m their dinner lady. A trip to the shop 10 minutes from my home has at times taken 2 hours. hehehe

I only saw one of the Moms and we quickly said Hi and it’s not long now till they go back to school.

This Mom has 4 kids and said, “I KNOW I can’t wait!”

Me on the other hand…I would LOVE another 6 weeks off. My Aspie kids and I thrive in the school holidays. 😦

Back at my Aunts.

My Aunt keeps kids busy…she always has. Personally I think she’s just a big kid herself and enjoys the excuse to play. I leave her to it and enjoy having a rest…ASD Moms, you all relate don’t you? Come on, speak up I can’t hear you! hehe.

Seriously I am very lucky to have someone else who loves my children unconditionally.

I gave them a 10 minute demonstration on watercolours also pen and wash then disappeared off onto my Aunts computer, with a nice cuppa to try and catch up with a few emails. I didn’t get much done before the questions started.

Then I get a phone call from *AJ

“Mom, I NEED wholemeal pasta and brown rice…also LEAN mince beef NOT the fatty stuff!”

*AJ is into cooking BIG TIME. He is also into healthy eating and body building.

He is “bulking” at the moment and cooks in great quantity. My kitchen is an *AJ Zone and in a CONSTANT mess…but he is learning and becoming independent, mess can be cleaned up. I repeat…He is learning and becoming independent, mess can be cleaned up. 🙂

So off we go to ASDA

To drag my *CAL away from ART…OMGOSH and Auntie Bubble time means bribery. McFlurry is always a good way to go.

It took us an AGE to get to McDonald’s there were SO MANY traffic diversions.

On entering McDonald’s I noticed the smell and thought “OH NO!!!” I tried not to let it show.

Within minutes *CAL started to gag and then tears welled up, I’m so proud of her though she said to me, “Mom I think we need to go through the drive thru!” So we turn around and very quickly walked back out and queue up to eat in the car. (Sensory Integration Dysfunction) Don’t tell me it is ALL in the mind, that can be SO BLOODY ANNOYING!!!

Supermarkets are best done on a sweep.

This is not just for *CAL’s benefit believe me. I HATE SUPERMARKETS!!!!!

*CAL reminding me it’s her Birthday soon.

Driving out I see the sky Ooooooo…pretty!

I can’t help it, my closest friends are constantly being sent photos of clouds.

I was stuck at traffic lights, I got lost with this and ended up with the annoying BEEP, because the lights had changed and I hadn’t noticed…hehehe

9:30pm *AJ says to me…

“Mom…can you take me round to *A’s please?”

His girlfriend and her family had been to the nearest beach for the day and he wanted to see her.

I’m a big softy and they only live a short drive away, so half way through writing this post I took my boy with his plate of healthy/measured tuna pasta bake….his 6th meal today…round to see the lovely *A. I’ll be fetching him around midnight and I told him to remember to bring my plate back out with him.

Added point…Mrs C, if you are reading this tonight on your mobile through FB while cosy in bed please shout down and remind him. He has taken one of my new plates. It’s the only complete set I have all the others have plates missing or broken. Thank you!

Ok…that’s me done for the day, time to feed the goldfish and let the dogs out to do their business.

How’s your day been?


21 thoughts on “Mom’s day…with a few photos.

  1. Completely off topic….your time says 11:11!! What is going on?? HA! Sorry, I enjoyed your post too but I couldn’t help but notice that. 🙂

    I can’t even remember my day, oh, wait…it was spent trying to save the appliances from Daniel’s destruction. ha ha ha We almost had to get a new washer because he wouldn’t stop spinning the inside of it. Yikes!

    You get some serious props for still being able to write a post after all of this, my deary. 🙂

    Love you!

    • You are so funny with your 11’s. When *CAL held that card up I burst out laughing.
      Angel, I think you need to maybe get some old broken appliances and get Daniel a shed.
      I reckon he is like my Dad and trying to figure out how they work and how to fix them.
      My Dad can take anything apart and put it back together, little *J is the same with vacuums.
      It will save you money in the long run, also he will be learning, you can book it as school time.
      Love you. xxx 🙂

  2. After watching ‘cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ with the boys today Christian asked me when he could have an inventing shed .This boy just loves to invent and at 5 years old I find it hard to indulge his interest in a safe way, maybe broken appliances could be just the thing!My,what a busy day you had, I love your photos, it looks so pretty where you live. Take care xxx

    • I haven’t seen ‘cloudy with a chance of meetballs’ yet.
      I keep trying to pop it in the trolley at ASDA but *CAL always switches it for something else.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

  3. Well my day was great, because my lovely Niece taught me the techniques of watercolour painting which I have never done, even though I draw. I then had the pleasure of spending loads of time with CAL, my beautiful Great Niece, something I enjoy loads. We seem to like the same things except I cannot master the art of plate spinning. I can make head spins though! Love you xxxx

  4. I love the realization you had described while spending time in your quiet place. The wind, the waves, the birds, and what God shared with you about the calmness within.

    This put me back into perspective as I could only see myself as going against the wind and fighting the choppy water.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you enitsirk24,
      That time with God was JUST what I needed.
      I’m so glad I listened and took the time to be still.
      Also I’m glad that something I wrote helped you.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

    • I have quite a collection of cloud photos, they make me smile. 🙂
      Also that yearning and a sense of awe is the only way to describe God’s creations.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

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