Superfloxiarific…superbly flummoxed and terrific!

I do SO love to entertain myself...giggle giggle snort.

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

First of all thank you my lovely friend Fi for the title, it’s a wonderful word and it’s going straight into my Lisa-Lingo dictionary.

Now will everyone please refer to my last post and apply your Alienhippy Pink Tinted Shades. They will also help with all Alienhippy/Lisa-Lingo in this post.

What’s with the Superfloxiarific???

The following is what I wrote as a status update on my Alienhippy Facebook page.

I’ll let this fill you all in.

It’s CLEARLY stated on my about page that I am dyslexic, still some feel it is o.k. to leave comments like this part comment.

“…you need to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I am finding it very troublesome to tell the truth…”

Good job I can laugh it off and see the funny side. People who have got time to be picky in anonymous comments clearly don’t have much else to do.

Giggle giggle snort….I can laugh it off now,

I can see how my dyslexia is a benefit, it helps ME.

It helps to cut down on ALL the JUMBLE and filter out things that will cause my Aspie brain to obsess and loop.

But I haven’t always seen my uniqueness, my quirkiness and qadoshness as a blessing. It hasn’t always been like this for me and that kind of comment would have really REALLY hurt me not too long ago. In fact it might have stopped me blogging.

Why do I blog, when reading is so hard?

I’m on a journey of self discovery, I KNOW now that I have Aspergers Syndrome, Dyslexia and probably ADHD.

But I have ideas and Aspie-tangents, my Aspie-happy loops are fantasmaplentiful.

Writing helps me to process my thoughts and I believe that God helps me to share what’s on my heart as I’m learning, as I go through my difficulties. God leads me through my difficulties and provides for my needs.

It’s fan-tas-ma-gorical AWESOMENESS <—— Fi and Laura

Now I’m not stupid (even if you think I am) a bit nutty maybe but that’s all very wisyanut…hehehe

I don’t just sit and wait for God to plop things on my lap you know. I am CONSTANTLY seeking out ideas to help me my kids and anyone else I feel God has brought into my life and put on my heart. It’s not hard though like school work was for me, God is kind like that.

So when something is hurtful, confusing and rude I tend now to try to avoid thinking on it.

I turn it upside down! (Like Curious George, he’s such a cute little monkey)

Why bother reading a load of nonsense? seriously LMHO

Or as a very wonderful vicar once worded it for me as a small child…a load of Hydrodactrulopsichickormanega…..hehehe

I think God must have helped him to reach me in my lack of communication by giving him an understanding of Lisa-Lingo.

About my son and his thoughts today.

I had a few comments left on my fb page off those who read and enjoy my posts. I find it very encouraging to know that I help people with what I share as this is what I pray for. That my hurts and experiences can be used as positives to help others.

My *AJ explained to me that a person who hasn’t got a reading disability can read any word as long as the first and last letters are in place. You can mix up all the rest, the mind will rearrange.

My 17 year old son was appalled that someone would actually bother to make such a comment.

He said, “Mom it’s all over your blog that you have reading difficulties that’s just not nice!”

He told me to make a joke out of it, bless him…I love my boy he is just so lovely.

I agree with him I do think that these kind of comments are disgusterous <—BFG, not mine

I decided to share a poem that my lovely Mom had on the wall when we were growing up.

I’m going to add an *AJ twist to it for those who are able to see words.

Then I’ll write it out again for those of us who are blessed with Dyslexia.

I will add it to my other blog “Listening through the Loops”

Love and hugs.

Lisa. xx ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t Quit

(Author Unknown)

Wehn you are at yuor lwoset

And raedy to gvie in,

Girt yuor teteh and sartt agian

Reembmer you can win.


Evrey day taht you wkae up

Be detrimneed in yuor mnid,

Taht you’ll ejony it to the flul

I tinhk taht you may fnid.


Ecah day is lkie a bnuos

And waht more culod you ask

God will lned a hnad as well

And hlep you with tihs tsak


Serntgth will come wtih ecah new day

Grwonig bit by bit

I blieeve taht you can do it

So jsut for me…..Don’t Quit!


14 thoughts on “Superfloxiarific…superbly flummoxed and terrific!

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    • I totally agree, I think that’s why my Mom put it at the bottom of the stairs.
      I saw it every day when I brushed my hair before going to school.
      Love and hugs. xx ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This poem should go out on prescription. AJ is brilliant, you have to see the funny side, as regards someone anonymously leaving the comment about spelling. They need to be prayed for as they may be very insecure and feel intellectually threatened by your wonderful gift of writing. In other words jealousy. I think it is sad on their part and it’s probably better that they have remained anonymous. Love you xxxx

  3. Pingback: About my dyslexia! (Who was I trying to kid) « Alienhippy's Blog

  4. Superfloxiarificโ€ฆsuperbly flummoxed and terrific! I had to write it again just to get it, but now I have I want to change it to, Just superbly terrific …. Jusuperberific !!

    Love you sis xxxx

  5. I don’t have dyslexia ( at least I don’t think I do) but that mixed up version of the poem made my brain hurt lol I never have been able to read through things like that smoothly. It’s like my brain is determined to pick up on EVERYTHING individually and it drives me nuts a lot of the time. lol I think my issues though are related to my sensory and auditory processing disorders though.

    Thanks for sharing this though here ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate your blog a lot and love seeing that you were able to rise above the hurtful/thoughtless comments others might leave.

    Also, your son sounds real sweet and kind ๐Ÿ™‚ Tell him to hang on to that heart of gold he has. We need more guys like that in this world. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. That comment someone made about your spelling errors irks me! I’m sticking my tongue out at them. Lovely post. Of course, I couldn’t relate at all….lol. Just a ton! You have such a lovely spirit. So glad we met and get to share this journey, despite our spelling. Your boy sounds like my boy. When our dog passed on, Joe was the most empathetic and had the most advice, and little statements to cheer me up. “He’s in a better place, Mom.” “He is always here with us, in our hearts.” God love him! Thanks for the awesome post. I don’t ever notice errors. I read straight to the soul of you, bypass all the neurotypical nonsense (lol). Love~ “Sam”

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