Blow your trumpet Aspie, be like Gideon!

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

Over the last few days I have been feeling like God is trying to show me something. Like I had lots of little bits but I wasn’t really able to pull it together. This morning I was reading a blog post and in my babble of a comment I had a light bulb moment.

One of the things that I felt God was prompting me with was to read about Gideon. I also felt there seemed to be a connection, for me, to the parable of the lost sheep. Yep…I know one in the old Testament and one from the new, how do these actually link?

As always, with God, the more you try to work it out the further it gets away from you.

My wonderful friend Fi from Wonderfully Wired once shared this with me, what God spoke to her heart.

“Trust in Me, Lean on Me, WAIT on Me, and above all else…..BE still and know!”

Be Still and know, it’s in the still quiet voice.

So…how do Gideon and the parable of the lost sheep speak to me?

This is where my Aspieness is the story.

Those of you who follow my blog or know me personally will know that I lost my faith for 4 years after being indoctrinated in a religious sect. Those 4 years were the loneliest years of my life. I had always had a faith and Jesus had always been my best friend. People and their ways had corrupted my simple childlike faith and made God to be one big confusing mess. God is NOT about confusion but about peace and love.

I was like that lost sheep, I wandered off alone and I kept going.

It was through keeping chickens that my faith was restored, that may sound crazy and you might think I sound a nutter, but those who see God working know that He speaks to our hearts in the way we hear Him best. I would not have listened any other way, my ear had been chewed off by religion and the religious.

Also…there was a certain person called St. Francis of Assisi, he connected through animals and nature so maybe I’m not so crazy after all. 😉

So…what about Gideon?

First of all you have the account of him asking God for proof using a fleece and he had to ask twice. Now to me that is evidence that Gideon didn’t really believe that God was actually choosing or speaking to him, he perhaps had a low self worth. I can TOTALLY relate to that. I love God and I see that he works through all people, animals, nature but I find it hard to see that he actually works through me too. But don’t believe what I tell you go and read it for yourself. I could be complete wrong, this is just what I’m needing at the moment it might speak differently to you. Here is the link…. Judges 6-7

Then there are the trumpets

Gideon and the 300 men that God chose made a big noise with trumpets and defeated the enemy.

My computer and writing my blog is like my trumpet.

I’m an Aspie with dyslexia and I’m not very confident in my personal life. I have had too many knocks and been treated badly by this world. People I have trusted have used, abused and belittled me. But I have a voice now and I can speak, I hate the thought of others living with the ignorance that is constantly given to ASD’s.

So…this is my trumpet call.

If you are Aspie/Autie or love and care for someone with an ASD,

You’ve just read this post now think about it, YOU also have a story….blow your trumpet, hold up your torch let your light shine and smash the jar of clay that is the way this world has made you feel. Share your story the best way you can, and keep sharing it because there ARE people listening.

God bless, love and hugs.

Lisa. xx 🙂


9 thoughts on “Blow your trumpet Aspie, be like Gideon!

  1. You know, I often wondered if I had Aspergers as a kid. Although it also runs on my husbands side. I don’t have a lot of the quirky hand flapping behaviors, but like my daughter, I find myself feeling very weird compared to most people. I don’t like getting up in public places or being the center of attention. People somewhat scare me. I wasn’t academically behind in school like she is (which I mostly attribute to ADHD since she can’t focus for very long – how can she learn?). I just mostly had the people phobia thing. Anyway, I too can relate with nature. I often sit and look into the sky and think about God, or ponder the flower or the workings of the bee. I love animals too so I can appreciate when you say that God spoke to your through chickens. God is awesome like that. And no, you are not a nutter! Thanks for sharing here. I hope someday my daughter can rise above what others says about her. Last night we took her to this Excite Camp thing that she is going to be in and I just felt so sad for her. Too many new people and she just shut down. She locked up. She refused to talk, look at anyone, or participate. She is supposed to go to this for 4 more days. I just don’t see how she is going to be apart of it when she shuts down so quickly. Sigh. I’m having one of those sad Mom of Aspie days. I want so much for her but feel so inadequate to give it to her.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Your daughter sounds so much like my *CAL. We can’t go anywhere if there is a lot of noise or if we think it might be too overwhelming for her. Even the cinema is a no go zone.
      I’m so glad that you too sense God through animals and nature, I love how God speaks through everything.
      I didn’t know anything about Aspergers till I was 36, and all my quirkiness I learnt to control when I was quite young. BUT….having to do this ALL the time caused me to lose quite a lot of who I am. I imitated people to make them like me and when they rejected me anyway, I felt SO hurt because I worked SO hard at changing myself to try to keep them.
      I wrote a post a while ago about taking the Aspie quiz, I don’t know if you want to have a look. I never thought I would actually take it but…I got caught up in all that blog fluff and was blogging for all the wrong reasons. I lost my confidence and needed proof.
      Here is the link
      It’s a fun quiz and quite easy, if you think you might have a few Aspie traits this will help. If you want to know that is…Don’t do it if you don’t. I’m not sure if to ieave the link now.
      Oh well….it’s there if you want it, you decide.
      My Aunt took it and found she was half and half. I’m a complete Aspie, I also think that I have ADHD and I know that at school I found it SO hard to concentrate. I day dreamed so much, it would have been so much easier to have had a teacher on video away from everyone else, studying things I was actually interested in…hehehe
      I’ll keep you and your family in prayer, I can already tell that you are a wonderful Mom and are doing everything you can to meet the needs of your family.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  2. Gideon and his proof seeking reminds me of our dad and the light bulbs.

    I love this post especially the last couple of paragraphs, very inspiring.
    you really are brilliant, love you xxxx

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