Who’s shoes do you walk in?

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

I wrote a poem back in September 2004. It is called Look Above. When I wrote this poem it was because I could see that my Mom got her strength from God. She died in October 2004 so this poem is actually quite special to me. My Mom was a wonderful lady who was very active in sharing her love and acceptance with all people.

Let me tell you a bit about her

When she was able to walk she very often went into our town centre with a shopping trolley. In her trolley she would have tinfoil containers of homemade stew or soup. I even caught her once with a bag full of Mars bars. She would go looking for the homeless and she would give them food and a contact for help.

There was once a young lad that my Mom really loved who she would go looking for. His name was Nigel and he was a runaway. My Mom very often took in the kids that were constantly outside our house or those that were left alone. She had worked in a children’s home and also for the N.S.P.C.C.

My sister found Nigel not long after my Mom had died and he was still on the streets and on drugs. He was a real mess.

When my lovely Mom got ill

Seeing her in a wheelchair and unable to wash or dress herself only aged 52. Seeing her not able to walk more than a few steps, was so hard on my family. She was our warrior Mommy and she took all the blows for all of us. She protected us from everything she could.

In her last three years we had to learn how to look after her.

All the years and all the love she had invested in raising her three Aspie kids and coping with the ups and downs of being married to an Aspie. Now it was our turn to show her that what she had always done for us had not been for nothing. She was our world and the person who made this world make sense.

So as we took care of all of her physical needs.

As we bathed her, dressed her, cooked her food and kept her home how she liked it. She prayed, she didn’t hide the fact that she hated not being able to do what she wanted to do, but she never once stopped believing that there was a plan. It’s God’s plan she told us, I don’t like it but I know God’s plans are to prosper not to harm. God works in mysterious ways!

We watched her cling to God, we watched her sing with Jesus and we heard her cry in the Holy Spirit.

I’ve been really missing my Mom these last couple of weeks,

BUT… I remember what she taught me and always through her loving example. I remember how much she loved me, I know she wasn’t perfect and boy did she have a temper….but she only ever wanted what was best for her family.

When I find myself struggling, I have this visual in my head of my Mom writing down her final instructions to me, my sister and my brother from her life support machine.

“Find Jesus and love one another!”

Writing helps me to express,

I can’t talk about what I’m dealing with, at the moment, but I can share where I get my strength from.

Here is my poem that I wrote for my Mom,

I will also be sharing this poem on my other blog “Listening through the Loops”

Look Above

by Alienhippy (Sept 04)

As time goes by we see courage

From people we know or we love

When we’re least expecting to see it

We see someone we know turn above


A person gets strength from believing

And encouragement from feeling their worth

In times of trial, we curl up and cry

This instinct we are given at birth


To take all our problems inward

Makes our hearts break our minds ache

To give in to prayers and petitions

Is the thing we should do as we wake


The fear we feel of the unknown

Is what makes us take on all our woes

But when we learn to trust in the Lord

The worry and pressure….. it goes


God gave us His Son our example

For our sins he felt pain on the cross

So when we are lost and don’t know where to turn

We should follow our saviour…..Jesus


12 thoughts on “Who’s shoes do you walk in?

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  2. That’s beautiful. I love poetry too. It has helped me in the very trying times of my life. My Mom died last year in June 2010. It has been hard. I didn’t have to watch her suffer like you did. She died from a blood clot, we think. I did find her though and that has been the hardest thing. Seeing a Mom who held you, loved you, laughed and cried with you on the floor and gone from this world has been an image that has been hard for me to get out of my head. I miss her tons and often wish she was here. She did a lot of good for so many people. That’s amazing your mom raised Aspie children. I’m sure it was even less understood then. What an amazing Mother you have. Hugs to you. We can miss our moms together.

    • Hi Michelle,
      I’m sorry to hear you have lost Mom too, the looping visuals are hard to stop sometimes, well they are in my head. One of the hardest things for me is seeing women my age out shopping with their Mom’s, also seeing other peoples kids out with their Nanny and Grandad.
      We didn’t realise how much Mom helped Dad to be Dad. Without her he doesn’t function well at all, so we sort of lost both parents and gained an elderly Autistic guy that we have to look after.
      I’m so glad Fi, put me onto your blog. I’m really enjoying getting to know you. Thank you so much for commenting on this post when you are going through this yourself. We can miss our Moms together and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.
      Love and hugs friend.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  3. She is not gone
    Just moved on
    from this world of trial.
    She held us for a while,
    Now it’s our turn
    To give
    And in return
    In Gods Kingdom we will live.
    We will then see her face to face
    Once we have ran our life’s race.

    Through Gods Almighty Grace.

    Putting each of us into place.

    With each day planned

    And written before.

    His guiding hand

    Knows our needs and more.

    He will never forsake us

    In Him we can trust.

    He provides, feeds

    And fills our needs.

    Everything is in the right place.

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