Wordless Wednesday…Now this makes sense

Some people and places will always confuse me!

But at least I know what pens I’ve got…LOL


21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…Now this makes sense

    • Sorry Marylin, if it helps at all….I was given most of them,
      There is NO WAY I could afford all those, especially the Art-Kure sketch brushes they are like £5 each. I know you would love to get your hands on them with your journaling, shame you don’t live closer. I’m getting better at this sharing thing now….hehehe
      Love you loads.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

    • Hello sis, you know your big sister FAR too well!
      Am I really that predictable??? hehehe
      I guess I am, you’ve been witnessing my collections for 30 years.
      Love you all the world and a bag of sugar. xxxx

    • You know Spectrummy Mummy, my brother was SO chaotic with everything.
      But he was also very disciplined with things he loved.
      I had to have order around me, I couldn’t cope with his ways.
      I would hide everything in my room away from him because he would break things.
      So…no I don’t think you have got the only messy chaotic Aspie in the world.
      My Dad and my brother are probably the worst at that.
      But with their special things they are totally on the ball.
      I guess my Mom just found a way with me to see who I was even through the chaos.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

    • hehe…AM, you could line them up like I do when I’m stressed.
      Or… put them into colours, or rainbows.
      You could even draw pictures with them.
      I’m in a giggle mood today.
      Love you loads.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

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