Stories and Doodles

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

I’ve been thinking again. 🙂

When do I ever stop thinking…never, my brain is ALWAYS very busy.

I have felt very inspired lately by a few fellow bloggers who keep art and doodle journals.

Marylin at has such a fun blog, she takes loads of photos of her beautiful boys and her new puppy. She is a vlogger as well as a blogger. Her art journaling speaks so clearly about who she is and how she feels.

Also there is Doodlemum, a blog I have recently been introduced to that is so very cool.

This is a blog that is so easy for me to enjoy. It is completely illustrated, so even on my TOTAL Aspie/dyslexic stressed out loopy days, I can still cope with following my bloggy friends.

So what I have been thinking and working through is this….

Two things that school scared me out of.

Doodling and writing stories.

Not long ago my lovely friend Angel opened a new story blog called “unpeggingretro.”

Reading Angel’s stories on her new blog got me thinking…..

As a child I always loved losing myself in my imagination (Daydreaming) I still do.

Writing stories for school work was never easy with my dyslexia. Also I found it very hard to understand the actual learning objective of writing a story. As soon as the teacher said, “Ok class today we are going to write a story called, ______________” (you fill in the blank) Well my visuals would just appear, my tangent thinking would come to life. I could no-longer hear the teacher explaining just what had to be included in this story, my story was already playing as a film in my head and I was absorbed.

To write in words I needed my images.

I still do! Very often *AJ will say, “Mom can you write your blog post on my laptop so I can use the computer.”

I just smile and then he says knowingly, “OK…that’s a no, you need your visuals to write.”

I have SO MANY stored images that help me to write up my posts.

I think in pictures, so to write I need pictures. I knew this as a child and I would doodle, I was trying so hard to understand the world around me.

At school when I was 8-9 years old I remember writing a story that I put my heart into. I drew my images in the margin to help me, I was going to rub them out after. I had a title and to me, at this age, everything  was about dragons and multiheaded monsters. My story was alive in my head and I wrote it all down the best that I could.

I was devastated at what happened.

We were left to write our stories quietly, that was great for me I worked so hard. I remember giggling to myself while writing, seeing a whole movie in my head and being so excited. The teacher heard me and she came over, she snatched my piece of paper off me then banged her hand on the table.

“Why have you drawn in your margins? Is this what I told you to do? NO IT IS NOT!!!”

She ripped it up, then screwed it up and put it in the bin. She told me to start again.

I didn’t have a clue what I had done wrong, I started crying, she shouted again and told me I never listened. I got a new piece of paper and I sat staring at it blankly. She hovered over me and said,

“Start writing Lisa, you need to finish this story if you want a playtime.”

Now this is where my lack of understanding didn’t help at all, I responded to her by saying.

“I wrote a good story and you ripped it up!”

She blew her top and made me stand facing the wall all morning. My Mom was called into school and the teacher told my Mom that she was concerned that my imagination and obsession with dragons and monsters was unhealthy. I was banned from ever writing or talking about my dragons again. Not by my Mom though, just those ignorant teachers. I know that they didn’t know much about Aspergers back then, but I was a quiet child, I wasn’t deliberately naughty and I think that anyone with an ounce of compassion would have seen this.

Secondary school was not much better.

Doodling had become something naughty to me, I had a note book and it was filled with doodles and naughty stories I made up about the teachers mainly. I did this because I found it easier to understand if I didn’t look at the teachers, it somehow seemed to make more sense if I doodled while they went on. I know my sister did the same and her note book got confiscated….hehehe

It’s not my place to say why,  maybe one day she might blog about it, it’s a very funny story.


I was used to keeping a eye on where the teacher was, so a little bit quicker at hiding the evidence.

So what is this post actually about Lisa?

I’m going to start sharing my doodles and my stories.

I have opened a story section on my Listening through the Loops blog.

These stories maybe fictional or just me releasing stuff I have lived through. I have posted my first story today here is the link.

Without the keeper of the home

And, here is my first doodle,

It’s just something I did while watching TV with my little *CAL and thinking about moving forward with this part of who I am. I did it in my sketch pad with my box of coloured pencils.

It is also what I used as my visual while writing this post.

Love and hugs everyone. xx 🙂


24 thoughts on “Stories and Doodles

  1. That’s beautiful! It’s so sad what some and I would say ALOT of teachers do to squash kids for who they are. Thank God, working through your life you are becoming who He intended you to be!

  2. Lisa, you do have a great talent and I am so glad that you are sharing it with all of us. AND that includes writing your stories, poetry, art and you through your blog!! 🙂

    Love to you!!

  3. As someone who always posts his own artwork along with their posts, I would highly encourage you to continue to do so and explore that as a big part of any post. I love Doodlemun, also Snoring Dog Studio as examples.
    Your fish doodle ( I consider it more a drawing) is actually quite good! Nice composition, good portrayal of Koi or whatever they are; nice use of color. If you have a lot of stored images in your head, by all means draw them. don’t worry about draftsmanship, how they may look,, just let it rip and enjoy it like children do. Your work will grow and mature… I don’t mean this to be just a plug for my blog, but you can check out Hansi’s Hallucinations to see what I do, or The Blithering Idiot, my other blog of pretty much just straight-up drawing.
    Do it….You’ll love it and be able to share/display your talents in a unique way

    • Thank you Hansi,
      Your comment is so wonderful and I absolutely intend to share more of my doodles.
      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

  4. Aaah I was always into dragons too, my children are as well and I encourage them to get as obsessed as they like. I never, ever, won any art competitions at school because I could never draw in the lines. Look where it got me eh?
    Keep it up and explore, your imagination has no limits and that is how it should be. See it as a journey and enjoy every minute. 🙂

  5. What a lovely doodle Lisa. I can totally relate to this post. I used to doodle all the time in my Accounts Class in Senior School and actually drew a cartoon of my Teacher Miss Cage, as who was like Miss Trunchbull in Matilda. I didn’t realise she was hovering over my shoulder watching. I spent time standing outside class by the door. Love you xxxx

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