ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia or SID…mixi-mixi, shaky-shaky.

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

Yesterday I shared a post about how I was able to take my friends story and write a poem with it. I don’t have to work hard at doing this and I thought it might be helpful to explain why.

I think in pictures, I thought that everyone did!

I just showed Mr Locoman this image from the film The Minority Report, to explain to him what reading is like for me. We chatted for a while about this.

His EXACT words to me were,

“I can quite safely say that my brain does not do that!”

He’s very to the point my hubby, when he talks….LOL

This is what happens every time I read

The exception being when I read something I have written myself or something written by someone I am very close to. I think this is because the images in my mind already have a personality, so I can just read without having to piece it all together.

When I read something unfamiliar

It’s almost like the words turn into images and float out at me. Then my brain tries to balance them out. Reading is very slow, I push letters together and work phonetically. I can read a sentence out loud at a reasonable speed now, but to understand what I actually read I have to allow myself the time for the images to create the scene.

The words start to move around and cut and change on me. Like looking at jig-saw pieces scattered on a table, then moving the pieces around inside my mind. I don’t know if this is my Aspergers, my dyslexia, a combination of both, with a bit of ADHD added to the mix.

As a preteen I loved the arcade

(There is a point to this)

At school I felt totally stupid all day, I knew I was slow at reading, slow at writing, slow at understanding, slow at copying from the board. In fact SLOW at doing any thing that was written down. I just couldn’t understand why my brain could not comprehend the information. Also I was terrified to ask because I always said the wrong things. But in the arcade I found comfort in games that went at the same speed as my hyper-active brain. I shared a post a while back about my love of video games as a child.

Here is the link…

Cyborg or not Cyborg….that is the question???

It’s a funny post and gives plenty of insight and giggles at my 80’s Aspie-self. 😉

I found a couple of videos that may help to piece this together

What it is like for me to try to understand what is written down that is not personally connected to me, or of great interest. Trying to learn without visual aid is almost impossible for me. The speed of reading in a class room made no sense to me at all. I needed to see it, experience it, touch it…replay it, be able to move it around in my mind. Then it became real and the image gave understanding. I think this is why I like to watch films over and over again.

My mind likes to rhyme a lot of the time

I can read something and not understand it at all but my mind will find words that rhyme and it’s like they become flash cards that float off the page or computer screen. Just like the screens in the image above in the film The Minority Report. I think this is probably why Aspie kids are SO into touch screens, it’s familiar to them. It’s how I see, so maybe it’s how they see too. We’re all different though, I can only speak for myself and what I experience.

This first video is from the movie TRON

This reminds me of my lightening jumps and connections when I am planning and working out. It’s the speed my thoughts go at. They can go in tangents and change so quickly and at any time.

(Can you see a similarity to Sonic the hedgehog here…hehehe)

This second video is what dyslexia is like.

All dyslexics are different but this video is very similar to when I read. If I am reading about something I am fascinated by my visuals will keep up. Also if I am reading something written by someone I’m close to I can visualise what they write about and it becomes a video in my head. It’s like I have written it myself.

This is an excellent video and well worth watching.

So there you go…you can now leave my brain, the emergency exit is just on the right, or a click away.

Thank you for travelling Alienhippy style.

Love and hugs. xx 🙂


11 thoughts on “ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia or SID…mixi-mixi, shaky-shaky.

    • Thanks Tilly,
      It is really complicated in there sometimes, but I do get these moment when the jig-saw seems to fit together. Love and hugs my friend. Lisa. xx 🙂

  1. This has to be aspergers related. I am diagnosed with some type of neurological reading issue, but nothing that can be fixed or even treatment. If I hear something I understand it. I can read six chapters in an hour, but ask me to tell you what I read and you’ll get a very choppy version of the story. I have to read stuff out loud to myself at work. It is quite aggravating!! That is how I learn, so that is what I do. I also see everything in images, and I also thought everyone was this way until i mentioned it. We are gifted!

    • Thanks for your insight Aspie, at my last dyslexia assessment I was told I had a mismatch of intellect and reading ability. Same thing though, they couldn’t help me out or advice any way for me to help myself.
      So I just keep going and I have loads of lovely bloggy friends who accept me as I am, bad spelling and grammar too.
      Thank God for spell check is all I can say…LOL
      Love and hugs my friend.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

    • Hello Spectrummy Mummy,
      I’m glad you found is interesting. I try my best to explain it, just incase it is how another little Aspie might think and understand, but can’t explain yet.
      Love and hugs to you and yours.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  2. This is a great post! Yes!! That is what it is like. The last video was perfect.

    Get out of my head! Narf!! Hee hee

    Seriously, though I find that when I read out loud it helps all of the images go in a flow creating movie like images to stories or information that I am reading. Sometimes I can do this, others times, like now, I have a very hard time getting my brain to read without it being fuzzy. I am thinking that there is a pattern for me, when I have a lot of stories or poems in my head that I need to get out, I have trouble reading other people’s writings but when I am calm with the visuals and stories I can read a lot.

    I go in cycles of visual consumption and reading consumption. I don’t know why I am writing all of this but it did help me to drop that voice of thinking that something is wrong with me when I go through my “inability to read a lot” cycle. 🙂

    Thanks for a wonderful post!!
    Love to you!!

    • Hello lovely Angel,
      You explained it BRILLIANTLY here!!!!
      It’s the same for me….When I am looping or trying to process something I can’t read anything that I am not emotionally connected to.
      I also see that it goes in cycles, it’s finding the triggers though.
      Also knowing how to think my way through in a positive way.
      Sometimes the only positive is to allow myself to shutdown.
      I HATE shutting down, I feel like I’m never going to come back out.
      I know I will but I think because in the past it has taken a lot longer, now I fear shuttingdown and the emotions that are engrained in this process.
      I guess it’s learning it all over again, in my 40’s…Errrgh.
      Oh well…not alot else I can do really is there! giggle giggle snort. 🙂
      Love you Angel.
      Lisa. xxx 🙂

  3. Fascinating, Lisa! I have always been a huge reader and it’s hard for me to imagine having difficulty processing that sort of information, so this really helps explain it to me.

    My niece has dyslexia, but I don’t think she sees things in images the way you do; I think for her it’s more that the words and letters just get jumbled up. I’ll have to ask her more about it the next time I visit them.

    Bless you!!

    • Hi AM,
      I think mine is a combination of the Dyslexia and the Aspergers.
      If my brain and emotions are in a good place my dyslexia is more like a window.
      This is a link to a post I wrote just about my Dyslexia,
      When I have thoughts I’m filtering and processing I get more visuals.
      Reading can become impossible for me at times.
      This is why school was so very hard for me, one of my biggest anxieties is going into a library. In fact I would go as far as to say that I would rather go to a busy supermarket than go to my City library. I get so confused in there and I feel complete stupid.
      Last time I went there I nearly passed out.
      I know this has been caused by my past experiences and I hope one day I will be able to cope but I find the internet so much easier than books.
      Thanks for your comment I love it when a comment helps me understand something about myself…LOL.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa .xx 🙂

  4. I actually enjoy company with your brain, it is interesting and the video enlightened me on how difficult it must be for anyone who has dyslexia. I cannot begin to imagine how frustrating this must be. It is obvious that the brain of someone who has dyslexia goes much faster. Love you xxxx

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