How was Father’s Day for you?

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

It was Father’s day here in the UK yesterday, there were so many blog posts floating around bloggyland about wonderful Fathers who are so loving and giving.

I read a few of them, and it made me very happy knowing those beautiful children are so blessed with such adoring Dads. Nothing is better for children than for them to have two parents who love and protect them and work hard to meet all their needs.


I also felt a lot of hurt for all those that don’t have Dads or have Dads they never see.

Those who have lost their Dads and miss them terribly.

For those Dads who have lost their children, so Father’s Day is a stab in the heart.

I felt hurt for the children who are verbally, physically, mentally or spiritually abused by someone they trust.

I also felt hurt for all the Moms out there who struggle daily on their own raising children.

I once lived the Single Mom life, it is hard, isolating and lonely.

I have seen the hurt on my little boys face when other kids run to their Daddy after school.

I have had to be both Mom and Dad, and felt totally trapped in the home environment.

I have had no one to cry to, no one to comfort me and no one to take over when I felt totally drained.

This is where God steps in if you ask Him to

In the depth of despair, when feeling totally spent.

Sat in the pit feeling all alone we are NEVER alone.

There is a scripture in Isaiah 54 that helped me so much as a young single parent, it reads.

Isaiah 54:5-6


5 For your Maker is your husband—
   the LORD Almighty is his name—
the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer;
   he is called the God of all the earth.
6 The LORD will call you back
   as if you were a wife deserted and distressed in spirit—
a wife who married young,
   only to be rejected,” says your God.


There are so many wonderful Dads around

If you have one please appreciate him, he is a blessing in your life and someone who will always protect you.

God is the Father of all

When we turn to Him, He never turns us away.

I can find relating to a Father figure VERY hard, my Dad is Autistic.

He has ALWAYS provided for me. I never went without food or shelter.

But emotionally, mentally and Spiritually my Dad could never understand me.

I have found that we tend to relate to God in the way we understand our relationships.

Calling God Father was a brick wall for me for a long time.

I felt like God didn’t listen to me, because this is how I felt that a Father behaved.

I had to see God as a Mother figure, my Mom was always there for me.

I felt very loved and accepted by my Mom.

I had to learn to understand that God is NOT a human Father but a Heavenly one.

That God’s love is never failing, He is the one true constant.

Then I had to convince myself that I was precious enough to deserve this love.

That God the Father knows me inside and out and loves me just as I am.

He loves us all for who He created us to be, we are His children.

Love and hugs to you all. xx 🙂


13 thoughts on “How was Father’s Day for you?

  1. I know that you understand your Dad more now that you have enlightened yourself and others about Autism. It has helped me immensely as though I love each and every one of you with all my heart there have been times in the past when I have not understood behaviour. I just saw your Dad as my Eccentric Big Brother when I was 10 and he has remained my Big Brother.

    Your Dad and my Dad had a nice relationship with each other. My Dad didn’t like your Mom’s previous boyfriends and when your Dad asked your Mom out, he met my Dad’s approval.
    I suddenly had two Big Brothers really to play with, with “Uncle What” also.

    Love my Unusual Family, wouldn’t swap any of you for all the tea in China and I love my cha xxxx

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  3. I really love this post, because I have a good friend who is a single mother. I told her happy fathers day on behalf of her kids. Your post was really insightful. I hope to read more of your posts.

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