Just a little giggle… :)


Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

I thought I’d write a fun post and let out some of my;

Alienhippy, Aspie-happy, Loopy-Leesy, nuttiness.

I had such a giggle this morning with my lovely friend.

We talked about the barmy things we have gotten up to, as kids, teens and yes EVEN as adults.

I really DO only feel like I’m about ten years old most of the time, if I am totally honest about it.

How I manage to hold a job, pay the mortgage and other bills, remember to feed the pets.

Keep my home, stock the cupboards, do the washing and all the other chores too…when I can be bothered, that is… Joke not really.

Keep on top of the lawn and the weeds, remember to wash the car and vacuum it out…or more to the point get the hub to do it.

Oh yes let’s not forget, the most important thing I do.

Totally love my children.

Do everything they need me to do…..and even be a TEEN TAXI every flippin night.

Those who know me know that I DO this, and the reason why.

Well…..that’s quite a lot to ram in a brain that’s constantly spinning, don’t you think?!

It’s a good job I have a crazy friend, who totally gets me, who I can be a little bit nutty with.

So here is a little bit of crazy I’ll share with you.

I have got a few photos off my mobile to show you of my Little *CAL’s water play.

AKA…bath time.

Bath time has NEVER been easy with my two kids.

*AJ was convinced he would either go down the plug hole or I was trying to drown him.

Up until he was seven years old I had to chase him round the house, grab him and usually just get into the bath with him. I wrote a poem about it actually…wow, that was ten years ago now. I found the easiest way to bath him was in a stacker box, yep…that’s right what you keep toys in.

I’ll have to dig that poem out and put it on my, “Listening through the Loops” blog.

Did you notice that? I very cleverly dropped in I have another blog.

Follow the link, pop over and don’t forget to subscribe…hehehe.

With *CAL it’s just the hair,


Did you see the photo above, honestly some mornings it like the Hair Bear Bunch.

I remember my Mom chasing me to brush my hair then pinning me in between her legs and raking through my hair while I screamed, and kicked , and slapped and yes everything else that goes with being me…So she had my hair cut short and I looked like a boy.

I use SO MUCH conditioner on my *CAL’s hair and then de-tangler too, I remember that pain, it was so bad. I could never do that to my little sweetheart. The difference though is my lovely Mom never understood about Autism. She didn’t know how much she hurt my head.

I’m laughing about it you know, it’s really quite funny remembering all this stuff and understanding why everyone told me that I was a bloody nuisance. I know now I wasn’t, I was just made a bit different and I believe one day everyone will understand. That’s why I share, I haven’t got a clue what the books say I just say what I remember.

So here are a few photos and some captions to go with one of my silly stories that makes bath time fun.

>>>>> Must be said in a Posh British accent…”Why Polly..there are quite a few bubbles in here today darling, is that you?”




>>>>>”Now see here Flipper, I don’t care HOW much you fancy the life guard, I spotted him first and you’re a dolphin!”




>>>>>”You spin me right round baby right round… oh come on Flipper stop being such a sulky bore, join in you are supposed to be a whistling dolphin after all!”



>>>>>”Waiter, oh waaaitteeerrrr! Can you bring the Margaritas lovey?”




>>>>>Revenge of the waiters…”Die Polly pocket… die!”

14 thoughts on “Just a little giggle… :)

      • Yup, I will. When we all go on that picnic – lol 😀

        By the way, sorry I owe you a couple of emails…I’ve had a busy, stressful old week this week…. it’s been good but I’m glad it’s over!

        Love you loads
        Chloe xx

      • Can’t wait!
        My hotmail is down, it keeps saying the server is too busy.
        I wanted to read and catch up with blogs tonight and I can’t get to the ones I have saved.
        I’m hoping it will clear soon, I’m getting a bit bored of fb. hehe. xxx 😉

  1. I love your bath story! Soo fun! My kids have gone from loving baths and wanting them several times a day to avoiding them at all costs…ugh!

    • Hello my friend,
      My kids have been just the same, I think it’s to do with the feel of the water running and splashing on their faces. *CAL hate it being anywhere near her ears or eyes. Once she is in though, I have trouble getting her back out.
      Love you LOADS Merri.
      Lisa. xxx 🙂 {{{hugs}}}

  2. What a lovely mind you have. Absolutely love the captions and the write ups. Brilliant. Your Mom and me used to have our hair put in rags. CAL doesn’t have to do anything to get those lovely curls. Love you xxxx

    • Lovely lovely Fi, you so get me….you’re a scream too my friend.
      It’s so great to just be who we are created to be, and be accepted.
      Love you my lovely, so very much.
      Lees. xxxx

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