A Day in the City…yes you read that correctly

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

Today we were brave…VERY BRAVE!!!

Mr Locoman did overtime today and my *AJ went off to do his latest “THING” ice skating ALL DAY. So it was girlie time for me and my *CAL.

We sat down and planned just what she wanted to do…the Museum and Art Gallery, popping into her favourite tea room for a Chocolate muffin. She calls it the Muffin Museum, she’s so very cute.


We live in a big city, it’s Saturday and I HATE crowds.

However, I know myself better now than I ever have before, I am learning all the time.

So I know that I can plan my way for me and my kids to do ANYTHING.

I planned a route, one that avoided the main shopping areas.

I planned a walk, one that meant we could work on *CAL’s fear of heights.


I planned plenty of rests and breaks along the way.

We had a beautiful walk

We walked into the city along the canal. We saw ducks and boats. We watched the locks working and spoke to a few boat people. We took LOTS of photos.

We came across an exposed bridge over the canal that I knew my *CAL would struggle with. We walked across it and back again a few times and then I said to her, “You can do this now with Mommy, let me see you do it on your own!” I walked her to the middle and left her there shaking. I felt terrible but I knew she could do it. I walked away and we counted to 10 and then she ran off, but she did it and we have the proof too. She was so very pleased with herself and I am SO PROUD of her.

We approached the City Centre

The route I planned was through one of the forums, these are usually pretty busy but there was no way of avoiding it. As soon as we walked in the crowd hit us, but *CAL’s attention was more on a shop she had spotted that sold ALL types of cartoon stuff.

Great… I thought, a focus.

I always have to have a focus, it’s like I aim at something and then blinker myself like a pit pony.

We ploughed our way through the crowd and straight to the cartoon shop.

After a few minutes of giggling with the Sponge Bob, we then headed out the other side of the forum.

*CAL LOVES statues and fountains

So we spent quite a bit of time looking at ALL the statues and fountains that were close to the museum.

*CAL REALLY likes this one.

Then we went and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the museum, but we mainly stayed in the Art Gallery and lost ourselves in the paintings.

Daddy finished work and came to meet us

She walked my legs off today, but we had such fun the two of us. Daddy met us and we went for coffee. *CAL ate far too much Chocolate and I didn’t notice I was enjoying my coffee and resting my brain, while she chatted her Dad’s head off.

I can hear her still chatting his head off in the other room now, while they are watching the football.

So we have started the school holiday well

We have a week off and I plan to do quite a few fun things with my kids next week.

I LOVE the school holidays, both my kids come alive when they are not drained by the routine of the education system.

I love that they are so bright, but this stops others noticing all that they struggle with, because they can hide it so very well.

I’m glad I can keep a record here of just how things REALLY are.

Love and hugs everyone.

Lisa. xx 🙂

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16 thoughts on “A Day in the City…yes you read that correctly

  1. How lovely – especially when you can just meander around at your own pace. I normally hate shopping but can handle holiday crowds if I am just going to window shop and see the decorations and leave whenever I feel like it; it’s only when I have things that must be accomplished that I get all stressed out about it.

    • That’s just like me AM. I have to have a list and do the shopping when the hubby can have the kids. Supermarkets are a killer for me if I have both kids with me. Even on my own I can only manage an hour before I start to feel trapped, enclosed.
      The worse thing for me though is large libraries. I can’t cope with them at all. I think it’s to do with the smell of books and years of built up fear of reading.
      I love to learn and now I have a computer there is no stopping me. but libraries are a no go zone for me.
      Love and hugs my friend.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  2. You could be a general with all of your planning and strategies. Your children will thank you when they are older because you are teaching them to cope in the real world one day. Many parents don’t bother. You are a wonderful mother.

    • We did my friend, I thought of you while looking at the statues and fountains.
      I think you would have enjoyed our time too Chloe. 🙂 xx
      Love you loads.
      Lisa. xxx 🙂

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely time! Good planning and a good time to boot. I love the pictures, *Cal seems so happy, relaxed. Yay, you!


    • Thank you lovely Lizbeth, We did have a very special day.
      We plan to have a few more this week before going back to school.
      Hopefully the weather will be better soon…Oh how British did that sound? LOL
      “Anyone for Tea and Scones, we can sit out on the verandah”
      …can you hear my posh English voice Y?
      Love and hugs
      Lisa. xx 🙂

    • I know you would have loved it Bruce.
      I didn’t put any of the land marks on but yep…boats and paintings, fountains and statues.
      I’ll email you some more photos my friend.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

    • Thank you sarsm, it was a great day…my *CAL loves quiet so the art gallery was wonderful for her to ponder on the paintings. I could see she SO wanted to touch them though, with her sensory the way it is. That’s where the statues, and the fountains are so amazing for her.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

    • Fi…I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.
      Also having my Blackberry and camera are a WONDERFUL way for me to not feel alone.
      It was hard but I planned it well and we had a great day.
      I need my visuals, it helps me so much.
      Also chatting with my friends through my Blackberry gives me enough distraction to not freak out about what I’m doing.
      Love you my precious friend.
      Lees. xxxx 🙂 you make me smile.

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